Life in the North

Prior to the Civil War

Political Structures

- Whig/Republican political party

- careers in business, medicine, and education were most respected in the north

- white males were well respected in society

- politics was a larger part of society in the north than in the south

- helped the working class feel like they are an important asset to society

Social Structures

- larger population than the south

- higher standard of living than Europe and the south

- material possessions were important

- opportunities available

- skilled and unskilled workers

- large expectation placed on kids

- the dream was to save enough money to move west

- family life changed because of the move from farm to city

- family became decreasingly important because less time was spent at home

- women's job was to bare children and keep the house clean

- legal and political rights were given to men

- dad ruled the family

- wife beating not uncommon

- divorce was an option and the women never got custody of the children

- education not as widely available for women after elementary school

- women were consumers not producers

- female culture formed and friendships between them rose causing female literature to emerge

- lower classes worked in factories with horrible conditions

- birth rate decline

- abortions and abstinence increased

- immigrants shunned in society

The North Before the War (The Civil War: Two Views Part 1)

Economic Structures

- industry most important for economy

- railroads and other forms of transportation

- port cities

- iron and steel production

- wealthier than the south

- exporting and importing

- relied on trade

- factories

- more abundant natural resources than the south caused industry to flourish

- relied on immigrants for labor instead of slaves

Family Tree for "Average" Northern Family