7 Maroon Newsletter

What's Happening in October!

Welcome to 7 Maroon!

This monthly newsletter is to inform 7 Maroon families about what's happening on our team and in each of our classrooms. Here are some important announcements:

We need parent volunteers to chaperon an up-coming field trip to The Denver Museum of Nature and Science! We will go to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit on Nov. 11th, and we need at least six parents/guardians to come with us. Chaperons must be background checked by the district. To volunteer for this, please e-mail Mrs. Harris with your intent, and she will send you the appropriate forms. Please consider the turn-around time for processing these forms, and contact Mrs. Harris by the end of the month.

-Oct 9: NO SCHOOL for students
-Oct 14: PM Scheduled conferences (set up by the teachers)
-Oct 15: NO SCHOOL for students (conferences)
-Oct 15: All day conferences, see 20 Alert for times and details
-Oct 16: NO SCHOOL
-Oct 30th: Wear your Halloween costume to school (must be school appropriate and no masks)--WEB will host a Halloween dance; see 20 Alert for details

Be sure to check out teachers' individual webpages for calendars and class specific resources. Click HERE to go to the team's page.

Social Studies

We are finishing up our unit on early man and students will take their unit test on October 7th and 8th. Students should have an idea for their "Live Like a Caveman/woman" choice project and continue working on it this week. Their final project is due on Monday, October 12th. Check the website for details and the scoring rubric. We will begin our next unit on the Ancient Near East and will focus on the features of a civilization and the rise and fall of ancient empires.

Oct. 5-8: Mrs. Justus is out at High Trails

Oct. 7/8: Unit Test - Discovering the Past

Oct. 12: Caveman/woman Project Due


We are beginning our study of life and the characteristics and needs of living things. We will also continue our daily "What is new in Science"

Language Arts

Students are working on two small units this month: Sci Fi and then Mystery. With the Sci-Fi unit, students are reading two to three Ray Bradbury short stories and studying the literary elements of conflict, setting, and theme, as well as argumentative writing, and making connections and predictions (as reading strategies). Their final project for the unit will be a choice project, all involving argumentative writing. Vocabulary and outside reading are on-going. For the Mystery unit, students will focus on logical reasoning and inferring strategies, levels of questioning, and the literary elements point of view, conflict, and mood and tone.

Important Dates to Know:

Oct. 7/8 (block): Quarter 1 Vocabulary Post Test

Oct. 13: Quarter 1 Outside Reading DUE (will be a Quarter 2 grade)

Oct. 14: Quarter 2 Vocabulary Pre-Test

Oct. 23: Sci-Fi Project DUE

Oct 26: Begin Mystery

Advanced Language Arts

Students are wrapping up their unit on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and will soon begin a Mystery unit with The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With the Mystery unit, students will focus on setting, point of view, and conflict, and will have a multiple intelligence final project and well as a final test. Weekly reading will be assessed through quick quotes quizzes and literature circles. Vocabulary and outside reading are on-going.

Important Dates to Know:

Oct 12: Tom Sawyer Test

Oct. 13: Tom Sawyer Essay DUE

Oct. 13: Outside Reading DUE (will be a Quarter 2 grade)

Oct. 14: Begin Hound

Math (Grade Level and Accelerated)

I had a great time at High Trails. Unfortunately, the price to be paid is the large pile of papers on my desk. I will be getting the test/quiz/homework corrections and late work into the grade book this weekend. Homework that was due between the 5th and the 8th of October will count toward 2nd quarter. Don't forget that PTCs are Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th. I look forward to seeing you there.

For Grade level, we have expanded our investigation of rational operations into fractions and decimals. The advanced class is working with the rules of exponential operations and functions.

This month we will begin utilizing the Essential Skills Quizzes. The five for 2nd quarter will consist of three rational operations quizzes (integers, fractions, and decimals), solving one and two step equations, and distribution/combining like terms. Each quiz is 20 questions and the students are required to get a 75% or better. If they do not (or want an even better grade) they will be required to complete a 30 question review packet, corrected to 100%. They then can take another version of the 20 question quiz. If they still fail to demonstrate mastery, they can correct the 2nd attempt to 100% and then take a third and final version of the quiz.