Tobacco or Medical product

Electronic Cigarettes- Tobacco or Medical product

Electronic Cigarettes- Tobacco or Medical product

In my previous post, I was discussing about FDA, how they are going to regulate electronic cigarettes. It is still confusing for FDA that how to classify electronic cigarettes. The study on electronic cigarette has been conducted to find out the safety and efficacy of electronic cigarette but not a single research has found successful results. That e cigarette is unknowingly to me too.

In the latest update by FDA, they are not going to regulate e cigarette as the tobacco product. As per my knowledge, I consider it as a medical device as it is consider as a good alternative to smokers. I have seen many of my friends who start using e cigs which were earlier use to puff regular cigarettes. All of them say that e cigarette smoking is far better than real cigarettes. They are free to enjoy different tobacco flavors at any time, just change the flavor cartridge and all set to puff the new flavor.

Electronic Cigarette is helping smokers in controlling their habit to smoke. In an electronic cigarette reviews website from where I get all the information about the whole e cigarette industry, I found reviews to read. In one of the reviews, it was written that 31% of people who tried e cigarettes have quit smoking within 6 months and now they are enjoying smoke free life.

Some authorities classify e cigarette as tobacco product as they claims that they have found some harmful impurities, which derived from tobacco in the nicotine solution that is used with electronic cigarettes. But I can’t believe so, many brands such as V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and South beach smoke are providing well tested e liquids which might be safer to use. I have already ordered V2 Cigs traveler kit for me, hope it will reach at my place by tomorrow.