The Peloponnesian War

By: Grant Carey


The Peloponnesian war lasted over 27 years. It started in 431 b.c. and ended in 404 b.c.


The Peloponnesian war was between Athens and Sparta. Athens had a advantage of having a better navy. Sparta had a advantage of a better land-based army. Sparta strategy of war was to take out Athens food supply. Athens strategy of war was to avoid land wars and take them by sea


Athens made a wall to keep out Sparta. This wall make the land a lot smaller. Then Pericles stared to bring lots of people in making the land very overcrowd. Then a plague started to take many lives in Athens 30,000 people including Pericles.


The 3 main reasons that the war started was First, some city states feared Athens because of its grab for power. Second, under the leadership of Pericles, Athens grew from a city-state to a naval empire. Third, some Athenian settlers began to move into the other lands of other city-states.
Peloponnesian War and Thucydides