Christopher Columbus


Get to know Columbus

Fun Fact: I was actually looking for a shortcut to India, and i accidentally found the Americas LOL.

My Ships

Above you can see my Three ships. All thanks to my main man King Ferdinand of Spain Who funded my trips to the Americas. My Ships Are still famous today they Are even in a song from the movie "StepBrothers" Boats&H***

The Nina,Pinta, and the Santa Maria

Voyage from Europe to the Americas

Thursday, June 9th 1492 at 5am

East Coast of America

A very eventful trip. I finally made it To "india" and i met some really unique people. I named them Indians. i later found out i was in the Americas. Which was honestly a Heartbreaker to me. Although i made a pretty big mistake i still "found" the Americas. SO thank me for that.