Jesse James

The Best Train Robber Ever


This is Jesse James he was a fellow train and bank robber. He was born on September 5th, 1847. He is best known for train and bank robberies with his bandits.


Jesse James and his older brother Franklin lost their father in 1849. Then their mother Zerelda quickly remarried. But rumor has it that their new stepfather treated Jesse and Franklin poorly. Jesse James and his brother Frank broke the rules against union soldiers which most likely led him to robbing trains.

Adult life

Jesse James was married while robbing trains and banks. He also had two children with his wife Zee. Two of his hobbies were robbing trains,and robbing banks.Other people thought he was a modern day robin hood but had no proof to prove that.


Finally but sadly Jesse James was murdered by Bob Ford in April 3rd, 1882 for the reward money on Jesse James. He will also be remembered for robbing trains and banks.