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Island Montessori School

First week is complete!

Welcome back! We have finished our first week and we are so proud of our students ability to transition and learn the routines of their classrooms. In research, they say it takes 21 - 66 days for a habit to form as part of your routine! That is the importance of our normalization time in the classroom environments. We encourage our families to have your own normalization time at home. Some days will be easier than others as students return to school schedules and the routine you are setting in your home. Give yourself grace on the harder days!

Drop off and Pick up

Each day gets a little quicker!

A few reminders to keep us moving efficiently and safely.


  • 7:45 drop-off is for those who need it! 8:00 drop off is our regular scheduled time.
  • After dropping off your student at the Charter School, please do not try to go down the gravel to exit onto Golden Rd. You will be holding up our Children's School drop off and causing traffic concerns. Please exit onto Carolina Beach Rd.
  • Once you have pulled up to a stop, passed the crosswalk and main entrance doors, your child may exit the vehicle. Staff are there to assist those who need it but if your child can exit on their own, and it is safe to do so, they may exit without waiting for their car door to be opened.


  • Please have your sign hanging with your students names. If you do not have your sign, please have names written on paper and displayed on your dashboard. This helps with the fluidity of the pick-up line.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone in car line. It is a distraction that will delay car movement.
  • We are working through our process to iron out kinks and decrease the time it takes to get through the dismissal process.

Lunch Program

We are excited to be bringing our lunch program back this year! We are working out the details of the final vendor for Monday so there is no lunch order for Monday. Any questions specific to ordering can be directed to Ms. Brittany. You can access the information for ordering on our school website here.
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Aftercare Program

We are partnering with Alphabest this school year to offer an aftercare program. The company is leasing the property from us so all tuition rates and payments go through them. Please use this link for more information and to register.
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Beginning of Year Forms

If you have not turned in your beginning of year paperwork, please send with your student on Monday. Teachers will be reaching out to those who have not turned paperwork in on Monday as a reminder.