Ancient Greece

BY: Jaymee, Zainab, Anna, Amber

Jaymee: Historian

The Greek civilization start began in 3000BC, it was called the Minoan civilization. The Greeks inspired and wanted all that was good out of life. They were considered "the germ and seed of all that is best in life of today."

The main order of events that lead to the success of the Greeks is, in 3000bc the Minoan civilization began. 1200BC,Greece went to war with Troy it was called the Trojan war. 1100BC, is the end of the Mycenaean age., and Greece went into the "dark age". 800BC The Greeks went out to sea to make colonies. 776BC, The first Olympic games came into action. 700BC, Homer wrote poems about Iliad and The Odyssey. 500BC, democracy was founded in the city of Athens for only male voters. 490BC, The Greeks beat the Persians in a marathon. 480BC, Greeks and Persians went to war at Salamis. 443BC , Pericles had lead Athens to its "golden age". 431BC, the Peloponnesian war began.

Anthropologist Zainab

The behavioral patterns were that no girls went to school only the boys did. The girls had to cook, weave, and all the housework. Only the most important women went. The most important aspect in Greece society was the gods and goddesses, because they believed what ever they do(like anger or make the gods happy) it impacted their life. The people in ancient Greece spoke in Greek to each other or wrote to each other on clay tablets and that's how they communicated.

These people were advanced, because 2,700 years ago they were the first people to make the Olympic games. The games were held in Olympia in order to honor the king of all gods Zeus.


In the Greek mythology Artemis, Daughter of Zeus, the mighty ruler of all the Olympian gods. After a affair and secretly impregnating Leto, Leto had to give birth to Artemis while being chased by the python sent from Hera, the goddess of marriage. Fortunately for Leto her first child, Artemis birth without any pain. However Leto had twins so her labor never stopped, and as weak as she was the new birth Artemis quickly took the roll of midlife.