McMillen Minute

Success by Design December 7-11


Action Required

There are two items for all employees to view and accept through the TEAMS Employee Service Center at or This process is the same as the last several years.

The two documents are:

a) 2015-2016 Compensation, Supplemental Duties and/or Stipend Acknowledgment, and

b) 2015-2016 HR Policy Guide Acknowledgment.

Please note:

· All employees are required to view and accept these acknowledgment documents annually.

· Substitutes/adult temporary workers are not required to complete this process as they do so as part of their annual orientation.

· Employees currently on leave are not required to complete this process. We will re-send the notices at a later time for the employees on leave.

· Viewing and acceptance is completed through the TEAMS Employee Service Center at or

· There are two steps for each of the acknowledgments, you must view and then accept each.

· Step by step instructions are attached for your reference.

· The deadline for electronic acceptance is Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

· Contact the Help Desk (ext. 28767 or if you need assistance with your login ID and password, or with any part of this document acceptance process.

· All employees have a network ID and password to log into the TEAMS Employee Service Center (including those whose assignment does not require the use of a computer).

· The Compensation Notice and the HR Policy Guide reside on the intranet (inside.pisd), therefore, employees must access this document from a network computer within PISD.



Only students with medical or psychological documentation may be given an "incomplete." Any recorded "incomplete" grade on a student report card must be cleared by Dana. If a student has an issue you believe justifies the incomplete, you must communicate the concern to an administrator before you record the grade. If approved, All “I's” posted on a report card (without medical and/or psychological documentation) must be cleared up by the next progress report.

McMillen Teacher of the Year Nominees

Michael Abney

Stratton Brown

Jaye Chavez

Lori Lysobey

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Custodial Gift

Please forward your department gift to Odi, by Friday, December 11

Lunch Duty

Please remember to be on your post during duty.

Pics of the Week

Congratulations Robin on the new grand baby.

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Coach Mabbott's new assistant coach, Brooks
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