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November 2017 Volume 42/Issue3

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Mrs. Hasse's Spotlight

A fabulous way to end our second month of school is Student-Led Conferences! It is great seeing students lead the way in their learning. For me, this is always a part of best practice. It is evident that students are evolving in "what works" in education. Yes, much of the "old" still exists but yet has evolved into something new, and even more powerful! Students today are requiring something more....something different!

In her timely book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, researcher Carol Dweck points out the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. "In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, like their talent and intelligence, are simply fixed traits. They also believe that talent alone creates success--without effort." Dweck argues that they are wrong.

"In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work--brains and talent are just the starting point." This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. Isn't this exactly what we want for our students--a love for learning and resilience? "The word 'yet'," Dweck says, "is powerful; one should not run from the error as abilities develop and their brain is on fire and they learn from it."

On the heels of Student-Led Conferences I always find her research to be relevant! It is now, after we've set the stage of relationships, that learning takes flight. Coupled with the right "mindset" we are ready to achieve our dreams as one team!

In the end, the path to success is not a smooth one. Learning is made through effort and mistakes. Think about it, any time we've really changed who we are or learned a lesson was through the difficult times. Although we do not want our kids to struggle too much, we want to create just enough "edge" that they use their supports to soar! Let us model and process with them through that difficulty. Anything is possible here at HP, of course, to do just that!

We continue to achieve great things TOGETHER as a team!

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Classroom Corner

Each month we feature something happening in our school (school-wide or at a particular grade level). This month's feature is brought to you by the 4th grade teaching staff.

In 4th grade, students track their academic progress in several ways: Reading & Math Datasheets, Math Module Progress Charts, and our Academic Reading WIG.

After our beginning of the year assessments were completed in both Reading and Math, the 4th grade teachers recorded scores on a datasheet and then met with students to share the scores. The students keep these datasheets in their Leadership Notebooks and will use them to track their growth on DIBELS and DRA assessments in Reading and on the EasyCBM assessment in Math throughout the year.

For each math module, students are given a progress sheet in which they record their exit ticket scores, and they also record their scores on mid-module and end-of-module assessments. The progress chart allows students to see which concepts they understand well and which concepts they should review. At the end of each module, students reflect upon their learning and note areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

The final way in which students track their academic progress is through their Reading WIG. All 4th graders have a Reading WIG to make one year’s growth according to the DRA. To support this WIG, students track their time spent reading at home on a weekly basis. Students meet with their accountability partners weekly to reflect on their progress. We hope to see continual growth in our 4th grade students!

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Bulldog Blog


Students at HP lead the way with top happenings and thoughts each month! This trimester, Riley & Callie are working to bring you what's happening with HP!

Hello leaders! This is Callie and Riley the HP journalists. Happy launch to reading all year through. It's not just for reading month. Instead, W.I.Gs are Wildly important Goals and the school launched on October 23rd! You can set goals for yourself and the more you practice your goal the more you'll achieve your goal. There are many kinds of goals. There are classroom goals, personal goals, reading goals, and school wide goals. We work hard to become better readers by working each week on reading.

We had 93 pounds of candy that was bought back to the Oakland County Sherriff and dentist office.

Finally, thanks HP students for the socks together we collected over 1,800 of them for the Samaritan House this winter!

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11th Annual Leadership Fun Run a HUGE Success!

Thank you, Ham-Par Community! We have a very generous community at HP; as your funding will help evolve our school and go back to our classrooms and students. Together, we raised $26,000 for our school. #GOUS!

Funding priorities for the 2017 school year include:

  • $5 per student for field trip costs
  • End of the Year picnic for students
  • Continued environment updates
  • Support for teachers for the building academic goals and vision of the school

We all appreciate it here at Ham-Par and send our deepest thanks and gratitude! Mrs. Hasse will share funding updates routinely at P.A.W.S. Meetings throughout the year.


Thank you for all of the support at our Scholastic Book Fair! We raised enough money to put $1200 back into the library and classrooms as well as support our Scholastic Magazine subscriptions.

Spirit Wear forms will be going home soon. We are in the final stages of designs and options. Orders will arrive in time for the holidays, if you are looking to purchase gifts.

Our Bowling Event is coming November 10th! Excited to see all of our families there!

Please bookmark our HP Volunteer link https://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=s.signup&urlid=10C0E45ADA92DA4F49-20172018&useFullSite=true

This is continuously updated as new events and needs arise. Keep checking for needs during our upcoming events of Family Bowling Night and Santa Shop!

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Habits @ Home

Each month we will feature information regarding student learning in the Habits from a parent or staff on the Family Learning Action Team. This month is written by: Maggie Guaresimo, Leader in Me Parent Liaison.

It’s hard to believe we have already been back in school for 2 months!! Our amazing kids are hard at work and implementing the 7 Habits into their school life everyday. To truly get the most benefit from the Leader In Me and the 7 Habits, it is important that the students learn leadership skills at home too.

This month our superstar kids are focusing on Habit 1: Be Proactive. This habit teaches kids that they are in charge of themselves. Students learn that it is up to them to choose to make good choices, to stop and think before they choose an action, and to choose their own attitudes and moods. Our students are choosing to be kind to their peers, choosing to use proactive language vs. reactive language, and choosing to carry their own weather.

So how can you help your child use this habit at home? Start by using some of the key words and phrases for Habit 1.

  • Be Proactive – “Let’s be proactive and hang up our coat as soon as we get in the house.”

  • Stop and Think – “Let’s stop and think about what we should do.”

  • Carry your own weather – “I know that it’s cold and rainy outside, but let’s carry our own weather and have a great day anyway.

  • You are in charge of you – “Don’t worry about your brother’s messy room. You are in charge of you, so make sure that you clean up your messy room. Your brother will take care of his own room.

Here are a few examples from Natalia, my 4th grade daughter:

#1. If your brother says, “Why doesn’t MacKenna have to take out the garbage? That’s not fair!!” Mom could respond with “You worry about you, and let MacKenna worry about MacKenna.”

#2. If your brother says “I’m bored!! I’ll go and ask David what I should do.” Mom could respond with, “Be proactive James. You pick your own fun, not David.”

#3. If your brother says, “Vincent, come and play.” Vincent stops and thinks, “Should I play with him or should I do my homework first?” Then he says, “George, I’m going to do my homework then I can play with you.”

One of the biggest things that I have learned from Habit #1 is that the attitude that you choose to have is 100% contagious, especially with your kids. If I am grumpy and yelling at the kids, they are grumpy too. Some days it is hard to ignore all the noise running through my head.

  • “For the one millionth time - dishes go in the dishwasher, not the sink.”

  • “How can these pants be dirty, you haven’t even worn them!”

  • “Thanks for spilling milk all over the floor I just finished mopping.”

  • “Can’t you guys put away your lunch boxes!!!”

When I choose to use positive, proactive language, the kids are positive and happy too.

  • “I see a runaway dish in the sink. Who can catch it and put it in the dishwasher?”

  • “Are you sure you wore these pants? Let’s hang them back up if they are clean.”

  • “It’s ok, spills happen. Here’s a towel, help me clean this up.”

  • “Let’s put our lunch boxes away and then we can have a snack.”

Try it and see. Hit your “pause button” and choose to use proactive words instead of reactive words. I’m not saying this is easy, my pause button malfunctions regularly. But when I make a conscious effort to choose to 'Be Proactive', it really has an amazing effect on my mood and the mood of everyone in my house. So as the cold air and gloomy skies start to creep in during the month of November, choose to carry your own weather and find that last bit of summer sun even if it’s just made from yellow crayon. Be proactive because after all you are in charge of you, not your sticky milk spilled floors!!

For more information...

  1. Visit The Leader In Me's official website
  2. Visit A.B. Combs Elementary School's website to learn about why Leader In Me was created
  3. Visit Beaumont Elementary School's website to learn about how the program is implemented at other schools (Michigan's 1st LIM school located in Waterford)
  4. Visit the Sean Covey website for 7 Habits games and activities for kids

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary School

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary is a K-5 elementary school in Romeo Community Schools home to 475 Bulldogs! Ham-Par, for short, is Michigan's 120th Leader in Me school and the first school in Romeo to adopt the LIM processes as a part of best practice from the Franklin Covey Foundation.

Vision Statement: We choose to empower students by teaching life-long habits so that they are prepared to succeed today, tomorrow, and always.

Mission Statement: Hamilton-Parsons... Learners, Leaders, Bulldogs Forever!

Mrs. Andrea Hasse, Ed.S., principal

Mrs. Lisa Seeley, secretary