Slaves: Escape routes

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is a series of secret routes, safe houses and people that will help you get to either Canada or a free state where you shall be safe and away from your overseer. On the way, you will meet people that will help you, either allies or abolitionists. However, because of the dangers that come with setting up such a system, people have taken some security measures. Here are some things you need to know in order to understand the secret terminology used:

- "Agents" will help you find railroads

-"Conductors" are those who will guide you

-"Abductors" are those that will help guide fugitives

-You will need to buy a "ticket"

-"Stations" are where you can hide

-"Promised land" is Canada

The best way to go is escape from the black belt through North Carolina and Kentucky and make your way towards Ontario,Canada, where you shall find safety and freedom and be far away from the peculiar institution

Slave revolt leaders

Although slave revolts have not been as efficient as hoped, there are still leaders who have tried, such as Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey.


The worst possible thing that can happen is being caught by a bounty hunter, who will catch you and report you back for their own benefit. Dogs might also be around, and can easily sniff you out. Be careful. Always keep an eye out, be as quiet as possible and just be aware of your surroundings. Remember that if you get caught, your punishment will involve flogging or even worse.