Instagram Idol

Become a #hashtaghero #lightthewaysensei

What is Instagram?

A photo-sharing social networking app designed for mobile devices. Users on the go, can share pictures or videos, but it is the hashtags included in your post that gives you the social media power!

Why use Instagram?

Here are some reasons why you might want to learn how to use Instagram:

  • Develop your creativity
  • Broaden your way of thinking about life and learning
  • Connect with professionals
  • Consider technology different
  • Share your knowledge and wisdom

How to get started

Although it's possible to view instagram on a computer or laptop, it is best to create your posts, either on your mobile phone or tablet. It's available on android or iOS.

  1. Create a log on, using an email address, or your Facebook account.
  2. Fill out a profile, find a profile pic and link to a website if you have one. Consider your describing words carefully - too vague, and noone will know what you're about. Too much and they won't read it.
  3. Find me, follow me, and filter #lightthewaysensei
  4. Choose accounts to follow
  5. For your first post, take a picture of a personal item that means something to you and try a few hashtags #firstpost #personal #myenlightmentbegins
  6. Always use #lightthewaysensei when you are posting for this course

Accounts to consider following

Some popular educational hashtags

#teacher #teched #teacherappreciation #educationmatters #educational #teaching #lifelonglearning #learningisfun

Use our hashtags as well

#lightthewaysensei #socialmediasensei #socialmediaenlightenment #smsensei #instagramidol #hashtaghero

Here is your challenge for the next month - Post a photo, a video, a quote or a repost one a day.

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Continue your enlightenment

Once you feel confident using Instagram yourself, perhaps you feel ready to think about classroom use. Here are some articles to encourage you.

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