Topical Treatments Of Hemorrhoids

How To Behave In Case Of External Hemorrhoids?

External Hemorrhoids Fast Treatment

External hemorrhoids are easy to identify, both to the sight and touch, because they prolapsed outside the anus: usually they're swollen and painful, with their characteristic dark color. They come with itching and sometimes bleeding, above all during the expulsive stage.

If external hemorrhoids are particularly swollen and there are bluish clots, it probably means that there is a case of hemorrhoidal thrombosis in act: the problem, in this case, is a little more complex and it requires a prompt medical examination.

Anybody can be hitten by an external hemorrhoids crisis and I suggest you to treat the problem with proper precautions, without ignoring it. Here below, I'm going to tell you which are the effective remedies to adopt to defeat this pathology, with close attention to the aspect of prevention.

First of all it is important to point out that hemorrhoids can be both external or internal (when they are inside the anus) and that they are classified in for different stages according to the progress of the disease:

  • I stage. At this stage hemorrhoids are internal, they can bleed during bowel movements, but you wouldn't feel any pain
  • II stage. At this stage hemorrhoids are still internal but tend to prolapse (pour out from the anus) during defecation to get back inside spontaneously
  • III stage. Hemorrhoids prolapse spontaneously during defecation and need to be gently repositioned inside the anus with your fingers
  • IV stage. Hemorrhoids can't be repositioned inside the anus and firmly stay outside. At this stage pain can be even sharp

Natural Treatment Of External Hemorrhoids

When suffering of this pathology, more than bear the hideous itching, sometimes happen even embarrassing situations. It is possible to end the problem by adopting some simple expedients for a proper lifestyle.

Indeed, between the most influencing factors of external hemorrhoids there are repeated and strong stresses on the job, physical inactivity, hormonal changings linked to pregnancy, sports like cycling, equitation and body building.

Nevertheless, the core of the problem is constipation, that makes the process of expulsion of faeces very difficult. Because of this reason it is important to intervene, at nutrition level, to contrast it since the appearance of its first signals…

...For people suffering of hemorrhoids, in particular, it is fundamental not to ignore the signals of their own body and act to get a diet that allows the regular bowel functioning.

Doing so, you can avoid that the intense stresses during evacuation cause the development of hemorrhoids, or their prolapse. Even with a proper regularity, you need to remember to drink a suitable quantity of water during the day, to maintain the right bowel balance.

With proper supply of water, fruit and vegetables you can fight constipation without turning into laxative medicines, to take into consideration only as extreme remedy in the case of ineffectiveness of the intervention in nutrition.

The prevention aspect is very important to prevent the development or worsening of external hemorrhoids and is fundamental to get back to physical health...

...This is the reason why my suggestion is to rebalance your own body. For example making some daily physical movement and keeping a balanced diet acting directly on your metabolism in a completely natural way.

Fortunately, the bleeding phenomenons affecting external hemorrhoids are not very abundant, even though they're annoying, and above all show during evacuation.

Even in the case of bleeding you can intervene using specific natural remedies, that have astringent and haemostatic properties, that grant excellent local treatment of the wounded area and promote the healing of the tissues bringing them back to the original condition.

I ascertained that many people often tend to live with this problem for too long, increasing the risk of worsening the situation and finding themselves obliged to intervene with surgery.

If taken in time, hemorrhoidal disease is a pathology you can heal from. Cure the aspect of prevention still is the priority to obtain the desired and long-lasting results.

It is tested that people can get rid of this problem thanks to simple changings in lifestyle and in the usual diet

...It is also very important to adopt some proper habits, both to solve the problem and to prevent its return. Most of the times, this is enough to stop suffering of external hemorrhoids definitively.