by:Rose B

Where do peacocks live

Peacocks like to live around water so they would be around places like the rain forest, and even just the forest. Alough peacocks like water, they can live in places like Africa, Asia, and india. Peacocks have something weird about them, that peacocks live in pakistan. The weird thing about that is that peacocks are worm blooded, so peacocks wold not like it there.

Peacocks Enemies

Peacocks dont like fast moveing things because they dont know what would be going around them. Before peacocks go any weare, they will look at there surrondings for any enemies so that they are safe. The enemies of peacocks are humens/people,mongooses, jungle cats,strey dogs,leopards, and wolfs.They also dont like loud noises because it scares them.

What Do Peacocks Eat

Peacocks can eat alot of diffrent foods, even incects. Peacocks eat . . . . grubs, small reptiles, and small mammals.the plants are . . . figs, leavs, seeds, green grass, corn, and flower parts, and beries. Even though peacocks mouth is small, if they can fitt any thing in there mouth they will eat it. When peacocks start to eat they will not stop eating.

Interesting Facts About Peacocks

All peacocks have a diffrent name, the boys are Peacocks, the girls are Peahens, and the babies are Peachicks. They all have a diffrent name because of the looks. the look of the Peacocks are blue, green, and sometimes black. the girls are not very prety because they are brown. Because the Peacocks are blue and reen, and the Peahens are brown the babies are a little bitt of both.