Viva Pilates in 2016

Need to improve your posture, get rid of aches and pains?

Why not give your body a great boost in 2016

Come join our fun and effective Pilates sessions.

This January we will be doing Pilates for fitness & Pilates for Stuck at Desk Syndrome as requested by Viva members. Viva Pilates is all about safe and effective flowing movement. Learning to unlock tension in your body so that you can reduce aches and pains, relax and re-energise.

Timetable for 2016:-

Starting - 4 January at Orsett Church

Mondays 11.45am - Pilates for Stuck at Desk too much Syndrome!

Mondays 1pm - Pilates for Fitness and Stress

Starting 4 January at Orsett Church

Mondays 7.15pm - Pilates for Fitness

Starting 6 January at Woodside School

Wednesdays 7.15pm - Pilates for Fitness

Starting 7 January at Orsett Church

Thursdays 12pm - NEW - Pilates Gold

(for balance, coordination and osteoporosis friendly)

Starting 2 January at Woodside School

Saturday 9am - Pilates for Fitness

All levels welcome but if you have a specific musculoskeletal issue please get in touch before booking as group sessions may not be appropriate for you.

All sessions are booked as a course. If you have to miss a session, subject to space, you can attend a different session to catch up.

Get in touch now!

Contact Helen on 079586 520767 or just click here to book onto the courses.

And if you want a bit of help shifting a few pounds after Christmas we are running a fab Kick Start Fat Loss 28 Day Wellness Programme too!