The Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Vaan Daan

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Mr vaan Daan was part of the vaan pels family. He is always hungry and smokes cigarettes. He is selfish and is married to mrs vaan Daan. He frequently fights with his wife. He always thinks that the Germans will win the war. He is a very rude man and doesn't think that children should be heard but only seen. He sells his wife's coat that she got from her father but sells it anyways because he wants money and is greedy. He ends up dying at the end of the war. W


In the diary of Anne frank the theme of faith shows that if you work hard you can get through almost anything in life. It shows this by when the family was in the annex, they believed that they were going to live on after the war. “I'd cut my throat and open my veins, I am going to be remarkable and I'm am going to Paris”(387).” I'm going to be a famous singer or dancer, or something wonderful”(388). Anne also couldn't burn her Star of David because she was loyal to her religion and didn't want to give it up. “It's funny, I can't throw mine away,I don't no why”(378). Anne didn't show any fear and showed faith when the door was getting broke down because she thought she would get outside and be able to live on and be a writer. But she ended up dying right before the war ended.


In the diary of Anne frank a major theme was that she felt loneliness even though she was around other people but felt that way because she was the only teenager in the annex. “I only want some fun, someone to laugh and clown with, after we've sat still all day”(382) She felt this because she was the only girl her age. “Sometimes I wish Peter was a girl instead of a boy, then I would have someone to talk to”(394).She also had a sister who was very well behaved and Anne wasn't as behaved. She got on people's nerves and people didn't like her as much as Margot. But a boy moved into the annex and his name was Peter. She fell in love with him and spent a lot of time with him because he was the only person could talk to and be herself around him. “Peter, where are you going come dance with me”(382). But he was still two years older than her.

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This bread represents when mr vaan Daan ate the bread . He is selfish and wants everything for himself. He doesn't really care about anyone else. He even sells his own wife's coat for a few packs of cigarettes.