Wanted! Adolf Hitler

Dead or Alive

Reward: $1 Million

Central Beliefs

  • He believed Christians were better then Jews.
  • He believes communism is evil.
  • He thought that Germans were better than all.
  • He believed in an Aryan Race, which are people of Indo-European Eurasian race.
  • He believed people had to have be white and have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Wanted For:

  • Starting World War II
  • Killing millions of people
  • Violating Treaty of Versailles
  • Put Jews in concentrations camps
  • He wants to take over and expand Eastern Europe

Hitlers involvement in World War II

Hitler led Germany into war against U.S and many other countries. He started war because he was angry about the Treaty of Versailles. He also wanted to be powerful. He killed millions of jews and put them in concentration camps.

Treaty of Versailles

It was a peace treaty between Germany and its allies. It was signed on June 28, 1919. The treaty said that they were not aloud to have troops in the Rhine land areas and they broke this on March 7th, 1936. They also broke the treaty when Hitler announced a conscript March 16, when it stated that they should never have a conscript army. It stated that the Germany shouldn't have military avitation and they did. It also stated that the Great German General Staff should be abolished and it never was. So in many cases Germany broke thee Treaty of Versailles.