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What is netTrekker?

netTrekker is the leading educational search tool for schools. netTrekker curates the best educational resources from the web and makes searching safe and effective with unique learning tools to reach every student.

Why Use netTrekker instead of Google?

Searching is fast and easy: netTrekker contains over 180,000 educator-selected online resources that are organized around the K-12 curricula and by grade level so searching is logical and easy

· Makes searching the Internet safe for students: All netTrekker websites and images have been selected and evaluated by educators so students receive ONLY safe, relevant results and school-friendly images every time they use the Internet

· Read-aloud and dictionary features: nettrekker will read the text aloud to students from its websites and define unknown words for the student

· Designed for different learning styles: netTrekker provides resources that work for all members of our school community including general-education, ESL/ELL, and gifted students, students working below or above grade level, having reading challenges, special needs, and more

· Customized resources for English Language Learners: netTrekker also includes an entire section devoted to ELL students and to teaching ESL

· Helps our district integrate technology into every classroom: netTrekker is an easy to use technology tool with searching options for beginner and advanced users so all our students and teachers can benefit from the educational resources available on the Internet every day

· A great resource for homework: netTrekker is web-based so it can be used at school and home
Introducing netTrekker
Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Saving to My Portfolio (instructions for creating a folder for resources in netTrekker)

Creating a class (instructions on how to create a class in netTrekker)

What's New in netTrekker [Teacher]