Summer Science

By Nicholas Psimaras

Earth Science In Missouri

We went on a tour in the fantastic caverns near Springfield Mo. We saw many fantastic sights such as stalagmites and other beautiful rock formations. The person who ran the tours gave a speech on how the cave/formation was formed. It was surprising that the cave was actually used as a music hall.

Most interesting part of my vacation to Missouri

We went tubing on a creek. The scenery around when we went tubing was stunning. A lush forest in a valley with towering limestone cliffs. What can be more stunning than that. I got stuck a couple of times when the current took me into the weeds and I grounded ashore. I even saw a couple of little 5 in bass ( largemouth/smallmouth) in a pool beside the river.

Three things that you want to know about me

There are many things that I like most importantly I like to go fishing ( my best fish was a 24 inch pike). I also love to play sports. My favorite sport is american football and , I also like basketball. The last thing is that I work hard on all of my projects/ tests.