Mars And Earth

Solar System Project


Mars is known as the red planet. Mars is the driest planet so far. Mars has lost a lot of its atmosphere and it's water is all gone. Maven (a space studying group) do not know why this has happened but they are studying the issue. In 2025 Scientist will send people to Mars.

Earth and Mars Smilarites

There are some similarities of Earth and mars. Both planets have roughly the same amount of dry land surface area. Many of the same physical land features we see on Earth also exist on Mars. scientists have discovered that the current atmosphere on Mars resembles Earth's atmosphere a billion years ago. Both earth and mars are terestrial planets that orbit within our solar system.

Earth and Mars Differences

Mars and Earth are very different planets when it comes to temperature, size, and atmosphere, but geologic processes on the two planets are surprisingly similar. Unlike earth mars has no tectonic plates.The biggest difference between the 2 planets is of course life. On Mars you would be able to jump 3 times higher than you could on Earth.

On Earth, water is everywhere; the oceans account for 71% of the surface area of the planet. Mars looks dry and dusty, but there are vast deposits of water ice at the planet’s northern and southern poles.