By: Michael Small

Equality Definition

the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability. Uniform character, as of motion or surface. Mathematics a statement that two quantities are equal; equation.


Equality is valuing someone no matter who they are and no matter what they did. We are all people with right and we need to be valued. Everybody Has a reason to be valued that's why we keep trying for that appreciation from our peers and to fit in with them. Sometimes we dont want to fit in with our peers we want to be our selfs. lots of people know that in order to be successful u have to be your self any way not just copying everyone else at what they do.

More equality

) In rich countries, a smaller gap between rich and poor means a happier, healthier, and more successful population.Is America the “Land of Opportunity”? In two recent studies, we find that. Upward income mobility varies substantially within the U.S. Areas with greater mobility tend to have five characteristics: less segregation, less income inequality, better schools, greater social capital, and more stable families. Contrary to popular perception, economic mobility has not changed significantly over time; however, it is consistently lower in the U.S. than in most developed countries.

Summary of Equality

he Equality and Human Rights Commission is a public body set up to challenge discrimination, to protect and promote equality and respect for human rights, and to encourage good relations between people of different backgrounds.

Our vision is of a society at ease with its diversity, where every individual has the opportunity to achieve their potential, and where people treat each other with dignity and respect.

Every three years the Commission is required to report to Parliament on the progress that society is making towards this vision.

This is the first such Review. It brings together evidence from a range of sources, including Census data, surveys and research, to paint a picture of how far what happens in people’s real lives matches up to the ideals of equality.