Globalization & Education

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Education is one of those ever-present topics when it comes to globalization. Those (government leaders, teachers, etc.) making the decisions about this topic will vary tremendously because many views are presented and research on these views has a way of proving one better than the other. Or so we think?

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Emerging Markets and Standardized Testing

Emerging Markets

  • Influence Rank: 2
  • Skill Requirements
  • Technology is an ever-changing aspect in the world. With many jobs requiring certain skills levels, students need to be able to perform the skills necessary to compete in these particular markets. The markets are going to looking for candidates who can comprehensively and skillfully complete a job in a timely manner. Due to the focus on standardized testing and how much of it should be done students are not receiving the skills for these jobs.

Standardized Testing

  • Influence Rank: 1
  • Teachers teaching to the test
  • The challenge is getting students to be productive citizen when they enter the workforce, however, standardized testing is causing a negative affect on how students fair with other countries. I think students are over tested and teachers are being overloaded with so many standards instead of being able to teach the material that is going to be most beneficial to the students.