Tips on Cheer



Stunts are fun but hard you have to work on them a lot to make them better. You have to set a higher and better goal.You cant set a low goal because you'll get to it to fast.A high goal is hard but with the right attitude you'll get there.


Tumbling is hard but it is lots of fun.There is an order, you start with a cartwheel and end at a full.Goals are just a main part of CHEER.Cheer is fun but you have to work for it.If your wanting to do this then look up places in your area.


Jumps are easy but they are hard to improve because if you have a bad habit its hard to fix and I know that for sure. I have lots bad habits so I know what Im talking about.

Competitive Cheer -- All Girl Stunts
Round off Full Twist
Taylor's Round Off Back Hand Spring Back Tuck
7 and 8 Year Old Gymnastics Tricks on Trampoline