Bransom Bobcat Newsletter

October 9-12

When is the rain going to stop?

As I'm sitting here listening to the rain beat on my office window and wondering if I need to start building a boat, I cant help but think how amazing this school is. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, we had over 600 grand parents attend Grand Parents Day on Thursday, although some of the staff and students estimated that number to be closer to a million. It was without a doubt one of the most fun days I have ever had as an educator. I spent the majority of it walking around shaking hands and talking to a lot of really awesome grand parents. Although the lines to check in backed up a couple of times, everyone was patient and understanding and the students were absolutely amazing. I've worked at a number of schools and I can tell you that this was the best Grand Parents Day I've ever been a part of.

That's just one example of many that I could share in my short time here, but when you combine that kind of support with our fantastic PTO, our "all in" staff, and your amazing kids, I sincerely believe there's not anything that we can't accomplish. I'm even more excited to be here today than I was my first day on the job. Thank you for all that you do each day to support your children and the school and for entrusting us with your most valuable possession. We absolutely could not do what we do without you and I am truly grateful.

As always, if there is anything that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to call, email, or even stop by.


Rob Balentine

Spring Creek PTO Spirit Night

The PTO will be having a spirit night at Spring Creek BBQ on Thursday Oct. 11th beginning at 5:00 pm. Come out and have some BBQ and support our fantastic PTO.
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Big Kahuna Delivery

Big Kahuna will be delivering all of the fundraiser sales to the campus on Oct. 11th. If your child sold any items, you may pick them up at that time.
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The Fire Station Comes to Kinder

The Burleson Fire Department is bringing their fire truck and fire house to Bransom to teach our Kindergartners about fire safety.
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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is coming up Oct. 29th-Nov.2nd. Each day has a different theme for making the right choice saying no to drugs. The students are encouraged to take part each day and let's rock Red Ribbon Week!

Upcoming Events

Oct. 16th- Smart Night

Oct. 18th- Kindergarten Alphabet Performance

Oct. 19th- Picture Day

Oct. 22nd- Lion's Club Health Screenings

Oct. 22nd- School Board Meeting

Oct. 23rd- Big Kahuna Party Limo

Oct. 29th-Nov. 2nd- Red Ribbon Week