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Blogging Challenge Starts August 1, 2014 | Get A Head Start!


1. Add the Prefix: #SocialChallenge Day [?] [Your KICK BUTT TITLE]

2. Join the Twitter Chat on Twubs at http://twubs.com/socialchallenge/

3. Insist Feedback! (Preferably on your blog as a comment)

4. Share Your Posts Daily starting August 1, 2014 to Create buzz about the #Challenge

5. Create Graphics/Assets/Videos with the Daily Prompts- so people understand What & Why you are posting about yourself. (See My Example Below)

6. Don't worry about inviting someone - (because this is your 1st blogging challenge I will scratch that from the requirements) YAY!

7. Be sure to use the hashtag #socialchallenge in addition to your own personal brand's hashtag (For example "Check Out 20 Random Facts about Portia Chandler, that her Family doesn't even know!" #socialchallenge #askportia #doitBIG

8. Link to other people in the Mentorship at the end of your posts. (or a previous post)

(For example: Thanks for reading my post, please check out my social media buddy's posts at [insert hyperlink] We are having a blast #BeingSocial for this #SocialChallenge

9. Tell People You Are Doing A Challenge & Ask Them to Support, Motivate, Cheer, Encourage, & Hold You Accountable until the end.

10. Don't Quit- See it to the Finish & HAVE FUN!!!!!

Create Your Twitter Business Card

Let's connect on Twitter and other social networks http://twtbizcard.com/portiachandler using #TwtBizCard
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