Monday Memo

Week of April 4th

Welcome to the 4th quarter!

We have just nine short weeks left with our kids and so much to do! Be sure to keep an instructional focus as we are starting to close out the year. Even with testing happening, the kids should be reviewing, getting enrichment, remediation, etc. The kids will live up to your expectations, so keep them high!

Rolling Faculty Meeting- Tuesday, April 5th

Be prepared to attend the small group faculty meeting in room 414 during your planning period. If you are one of the few teachers that are on a split schedule we will meet in 414 after school as well. Please bring something to write with and your TIDE username and password. Elective teachers- you did not receive a username and password but you will still be trained in case you need to be pulled to be a test administrator.

Make-Up FSA Writes- Wednesday, April 6th

We have 5 students who will be making up the FSA Writes in room 311 on Wednesday. If you receive an email with that information please send them at 8:52 to room 311.

3rd Quarter Grades Due- Friday, April 8th

Your grades are due to be submitted in Edsby by Friday, April 8th at 9:00 am. Please be sure to get these in accurately. There should be no surprises to parents regarding grades. Your communication with them throughout the quarter should make it clear what grade the student is receiving. Think about what an F means as well, they learned absolutely nothing this quarter. A student should not fail from homework or bellwork, a student fails when they do not have an understanding of the standards and cannot express in any way a level of understanding.

16-17 Tentative Assignments- Friday, April 8th

You will receive Friday afternoon your tentative assignments for 16-17. These are tentative, subject to change, due to unit adjustments that can occur over the summer. Please keep that in mind. If you are considering a transfer, let one of the administrators know. The earlier in transfer period the better, thank you in advance!


Dismissal Procedures- Please keep your bus riders until the bus has been called. If you need a new bus roster please let Mr. Bullock or Ms. Dori know.

Flag football and volleyball will be hosted at TBK8 on Tuesday, April 5th. Please come out and support our boys and girls! They love seeing you there! The games will start at 6:00 pm.

STEM student of the month will be Friday, April 8th. Please be sure to send your homeroom student immediately to the media center.

Make sure to keep your Tiger Stripes in a safe place and not easily accessible by sticky fingers. We have had some recent theft regarding tiger stripes as well as counterfeiting. And I am not kidding! : )