Monsoon Asia Newsletter

By: Karley Grell & Eily Brenan

Population Growth - Karley Grell

One of the main countries in Monsoon Asia is China. It has a population of 1.3 billion and growing. This is a very high population and there are many problems that correspond with such a high population. China is one of the worlds fastest growing job community consisting of many manufacturing jobs that were outsourced by the United States and other major countries. The steady inflow of outsourced jobs helps add to the number of jobs, but soon wont be able to keep up China's economy. Although manufacturing jobs are good for the economy and people, it can take a toll on the surrounding environment. With all the industrial zones in China it increase pollution form more people commuting to and from work and the actual wastes the specific factories give off. With China having such a big population it make the economy, job supply, and living conditions go down, but with China it doesn't hurt them because they have such a strong connections with other rich countries. In return it makes China a very wealthy country.

The Ganges River - Karley Grell

The Ganges River flows through the northwestern part of India and goes through Bangladesh. The river is very important to the Hindu population for its resources and Spirituality. The river supports the population by irrigating their crops and providing water for drinking and bathing. The spirituality of the Ganges draw Hindus in based on the goddess Ganga to have the soul of the people to live within the water for protection. Although the river is very important to the people, it is very polluted. The people dump their sewedge in the river,fecal mater, and clean themselves in the water. This leaves behind a lot of bacteria in the sacred river. Even though people do unspeakable damage to the river it is still a sacred place of worship.

Outsourcing - Karley Grell

Outsourcing is a popular technique used by the United States defined as, "transfer of a certain operation in a company to another organization". The US and other countries outsource to find cheaper labor, spread money to help the global economy, and increase international relations. The cheap labor is probably the main reason why people outsource their companies job, it allows them to make a lot more to help boost the economy. While all of this sounds good, there are a few down points to outsourcing. These problems include jobs be taken away from Americans and given to foreigners, which has a possibility to decrease our economy. Americans also believe that most outsourced jobs have very little to no human rights within their work environment. Most people believe that the workers of outsourced jobs work within a sweatshop environment. These reasons leave people stuck on the fence between supporting or opposing outsourcing.

Yengtze River - Karley Grell

The Yangtze River is a river that runs through 3,450 miles of Tibetan Mountains in China. According to Chinese legend, Emperor Yu, founder of the Hsia Dynasty, picked up a mountain and placed in front of the river to stop it from going out of Chinese territory. The Yangtze River is the river that the Three Gorges Dam sits on. The dam produces 22,500 MW of power. When the builders first started to build the dam, parts of the river almost went dry and animals almost went extinct. The river now is very polluted and water levels have steadily gone down over the years. The water level has gone down since the damming of the river. It is caused by how the seasons affect the river, every winter the water levels go down and during the summer the river cant quite recover.

The Voyages of Zheng He - Karley Grell

He was born in 1371 in Yunnan Provence and grew up to be 7 feet tall and have a waist of 5 feet around according to family history. He was to help a prince in war, and when he did he went all out. He used hundreds of ships longer than European ships and had thousands of men on board. While on his voyages they always went to Calicut, which had a major influence on the pepper trade. Although the real reason is unknown the motive behind the travels of the emperor, most people believe that it was to find a fugitive. The fugitive was the deposed emperor Jianwen who fled the burning of his palace. The other voyages were for searches of treasures, rare spices, and foreign animals and people. The main reason people loved these expeditions was that it represented China in a superior fashion.