ELA summative U3

Are you smaller than everyone in your grade or family? Do you like the beach? Do you love the color yellow? Then Kevinville is the place for you to go. Kevinville consists of tiny little minions that will be loyal and obedient friends, and you can go home being satisfied with your experience.


Kevinville is located under Madagascar, but the lay of the land Is very simple, it has warm mountains with sandy beaches. On the mountains there is many trees which they use for villages. There is lots of water that is a beautiful light blue, there is even a river that runs through the land called, Banana. There is very little storms, and when there is the storms are very dangerous, but that rarely happens. The climate is perfect for growing banana trees and that is exactly what the inhabitants eat, along with steak, bread, milk, and apples. The houses and towns are very small and off of the shore so there is no litter on the beach.

The mountains are high and full of stone and coal making the island full of people and minions. The mountains have rounded tops like some mountains said by Macomi in paragraph 4 in the section called facts about mountains, "Mountains could be steep and snow covered or they could be gently sloping having rounded tops."


Religion is very important on Kevinville. It started in America when a man loved the color yellow. He had a yellow bed, floor, oven, doors, pillows, even yellow stained windows, it then grew into only eating yellow colored foods and well thats how it started. On Tuesdays the entire community only eats bananas, it would be insulting if you didn't. Also on Friday you wear yellow socks in remembrance of the man who loved yellow. Following this sequence follows the same thing Wikipedia said in paragraph 1, titled Rituals,""Is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and performed according to set sequence.""


Kevinville has many achievements, one being making a odd creature thats super small and has short hair and odd voices, because of this the creatures made their own language. All of the creatures have googles to help with eye problems. Having their own inhabitants makes a big population, and their language was considered cute and made them known well. The creatures were then later called minions because they were very short. This caused a major want to come to Kevinville. In the making of these people it made me think of the Chinese mud men stated in Eden song's article, "Mystery of the Shekwan Ceramic Mud Woman & Mud Man" saying, "I became fascinated with these uniquely handmade mud figurines."
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