Thursday Brief

January 24th

February is Black History Month

Please see the link below for what we have planned this month! Thank you to Ms. Evans and Mr. Jackson for your help with this. And thank you to Ms. DeLeon and Ms. Buttler for the awesome display! There is a lot to read and learn there.
Black History Month Resources

Thank you Ms. Evans for putting this together!!!!

Friday, February 1st is World Read Aloud Day!

Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people all around the globe read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people. The emphasis is really on literally Reading Out Loud.

I will be reading a book on announcements that day to celebrates the beginning of Black History month. After I read a book we will end with an astronaut reading a book from space! (If you enjoy that experience click on that link in the resources because there are many more).

There are other great idea below as well. Thank you to Mrs. Alvarado and Mrs. Debler for the ideas!

· If you’re on social media use this hashtag to tweet your events for this day

    • #WorldReadAloudDay

· This is a cool link if you want to sign up and actually connect for skype lessons.

· There is a great website that features actors reading picture books which would pair well with World Read Aloud day

· This is the site where the austonauts reads books from space.

This site has a lot of links for students to tell their own stories...may also be cool for Writer's Tea....

· This would also be a great day to read one of the Hornet Nominee books that Mrs. Browning has chosen.

    • SCIENCE TEACHERS there are some that are science related!

Enjoy World Read Aloud Day!

From Mrs. Hoover

  1. ESL Spreadsheet will be due on January 31st. All students are taken to this meeting so please fill in completely tab #5.

From Mrs. Cristan

  1. Review Lockdown procedures.

  2. Remember to keep doors closed during instruction and locked when not present in the classroom.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, please remember to invite an administrator to your RtI meetings, especially when discussing testing and STAAR accommodations. We will be able to bring the appropriate paperwork to expedite the process.

It is not too late to refer students to the Anchored 4 Life TLC. Remember, only students that do not have labs, tutoring, and can behave. It is conducted by the A4L team leaders….so proud of them!!

GT testing is right around the corner. Be thinking of students that you will be referring for testing. These should be students that are performing well in class and can tolerate a two-day testing session. Please don’t send me names yet! I will send an email at the end of the month. Testing will take place in April.


These are some good little video links for learning more or have questions and need clarification.

STAAR Stuff Supplemental Aids for Writing:

STAAR Stuff: Supplemental Aids Overview

STAAR Stuff Accessibility Features

STAAR Stuff Supplemental Aids for Math

STAAR Stuff Typing Assistance for 4th Grade Writing

STAAR Stuff Dictionary Policy

Federal Report Card

Just what you wanted...more data lol. In any case this is our FEDERAL Report Card and letter explaining its requirements.

Student Collaboration/Group Work

Article on the importance of group work and how to make it work accomplished distinguished well :)


  • All ELAR teachers should plan to attend a session in the summer to learn about the new TEKS for next year. Please stay tuned for more dates.
  • 3rd grade math teachers that went to academy can attend this training on February 1st. You should have also received an email. Crystal Elliott is the only one we have heard from. Please let us know ASAP if you want to go!

Relay for Life Elementary Fundraising

  • Luncheons with $5 donations as we have in the past. (FIRST ONE NEXT WEEK 1/31)
  • We would also like to do the $5 jean Mondays with team shirts (start January 28). Pay Barnec
  • February 8th. Donation of 100 cents for the 100th day of school from students. (free dress pass)
  • Week BEFORE Relay (due to writing test week of Relay)-Fun Dress Day $1 per day



THANK YOU MRS. JONES, MRS. FORDYCE, MRS. ELLIOTT, AND MRS. TWEDDLE!!!!! Come on, who else would like to have some fun on a Saturday and volunteer at UIL???????

January Birthdays! Happy Birthday!

1 Jennifer Kaspar Birthday

11 Noel Munoz Birthday

12 Dawn White Birthday

15 Courtney Dyckman Birthday

16 Michelle Atkinson Birthday

18 Jennifer Hanna Birthday

22 Angela Clark Birthday

24 Norma Hinojosa Birthday

29 Tina Deleon

29 Jeanine Hoover Birthdays


24 Norma Hinojosa Birthday

Report Cards Go Home

Good Choice-Jumping World

9:15-11:00 Featherby, Sykes, Provence, Barnec, Elliott, Bentz, McClendon, Jones

11:45-1:30 Alvarado, Flores, Rowe, Ainsworth, Jackson, Cooper, Ames, McAliley

25 Good Choice-Jumping World

9:15-11:00 Beckwith, Wilson, Hurst, White

11:45-1:30 Fordyce, Almaraz, Tweddle, Lopez

29 Tina Deleon & Jeanine Hoover Birthdays


31 School Board Meeting


Jan 31 Super Bowl Luncheon ($5 Relay for Life Donation) & Football Jersey Day

Day February

1 World Read Aloud Day


(Ainsworth on Jan 31st)

5 3rd Class Pictures

5 Superintendent Profile Teacher Input Meeting 3:30 p.m. Library

6 4th Class Pictures & Counselor Appreciation Day

8 100th Day of School (collect 100cent donations and give to Barnec)

Maclovio Perez visits 4th grade

9 UIL Competition in G-P (Volunteer!)

12 Fun Run Staff Meeting 3:30 in Library

13 PBIS Meeting After School

13 Parent Involvement Conference

14 Valentine's Day & Class Party

16 Regional Coastal Bend Science Fair

18 Run-a-Thon Kick Off in Cafeteria 8am

19 4th Grade Writing Mock

26 Club Pictures

28 Book Fair