How Do Submarines Work?

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The History of Submarines.

The first mention of a submarine was shown in a book called Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Written by a french writer it was about a boat that sailed under water and carried it's crew on an adventure everyone thought he was crazy a ship under water could never exist.

In 1776 the first "Submarine" was built to attack the British ship the Eagle during the American Revolution. didn't sink it but it did scare it away.

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Personal Subs. (Triton 3300/2)

The Triton is a two man recreational sub that chases giant squid or searches shipwrecks. It can dive down very deep very quickly but can only go as deep as 3280 feet below sea level. The sub can go up to speeds of up to three knots. It can only hold a total of 2 people tops, a pilot and a passenger. it is very small with the dimensions of 11.5 ft long 9.7 ft wide and 6.9 ft high. Runs on 24 and 120 volt batteries. It can stay below for 12 hours until the oxygen runs out.
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Miscellaneous facts.

Submarines have made many changes and improvements since 1776 when the turtle was first created. Today submarines can go hundreds or thousands of feet down and stay down there for months. D.S.V. is a term generally used when the sub is used for research. to descend and ascend a submarine fills and empties it's ballast tanks of water and uses hydro planes to control the angle of the dive. to stay down under water a submarine needs air quality, fresh water and a controlled temperature.
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Subs used in warfare

During World War Two Hitler had many U-Boats created to sink enemy ships in the war. They started out working really well then the Allies found methods that the subs were proven to not be as efficient. The first ship sunk by a submersible was the H.M.S. Pathfinder. The passenger ship Lusitania with many Americans on board was sunk by U-103 during World War One and two years later America declared war on Germany. Before all naval war fare was on top of the sea until sups were created then it went under and above.
US Navy - Submarines : Silent Service [1080p]


  1. Knot-A nautical term used for speed.
  2. Turtle-The first sub used in warfare, used by the rebels during the American Revolution.
  3. Triton-A personal sub that any one can by.
  4. Eagle-The British Warship the Turtle attacked.