2013 "Thank You" Leaders Retreat

Teams - Steamrollers, Hedwig and SWIFT


We are THRILLED to have you included in our 1st EVER "Thank You" Leaders Retreat!

We look forward to a casual, fun weekend filled with learning, sharing and bonding.

It's our hope that you return back home loaded with information to help you run your business and your teams more efficiently!

And...we hope this becomes an annual trip that our teams STRIVE and WORK to qualify for!


If you haven't arranged for transportation to and from the airport. Please make sure you do so:

Kathryn L. Vance

Kathryn Vance | Group Specialist Resort| Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

P 407.939.1843 | F 407.939.1012 | E kathryn.l.vance@disney.com

Dress Code is CASUAL for the weekend!

Be Comfortable but don't forget that Locket!

On a Jet Plane!

Just in case you need us, here is our arrival and departure times!

Michelle Levitt

Arrive Thurs Sept 5 4:35pm

Leave Sun Sept 8 5:30pm

Melissa Ghane

Arrive: Thursday Sept 5 @ 10:45pm

Depart : Sunday Sept 8 @ 5:50pm

Michele Bradley

Arrive Thurs. Sept. 5, 3:02pm

Leave Sun. Sept. 8, 4:34pm

Room List!

We put this room list together with a purpose! Spread your wings and get to know one another. We tried to put different teams, split in two's, together.

This list had to be given to the hotel and can't be switched.

I really hope you all have an AWESOME time getting to know eachother and brainstorm!

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For those interested....

I believe that Michelle Levitt will be venturing off to Disney on Thursday and maybe Friday.

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