Termite Control Kennesaw

Contact help after noticing any signs of termites.

Protect Your Home With Termite Inspections

Termites love the warm and wet conditions of the southeastern United States. The high population of the insects in the area makes it necessary for Georgia homeowners to stay vigilant in keeping their home termite-free. A termite infestation not only causes damage but can complicate the buying and selling process and can prevent homeowners from obtaining a home equity loan or refinancing their home. Here are some tips for the identification and control of termites.

Get Regular Inspections

Homeowners do not need to see outward signs of an infestation to get an inspection. Early detection reduces the cost of the removal and the extent of the damages. For effective Pest Control Kennesaw homeowners should plan on inspections every few years and have more if their neighbors discover termites. A maintenance problem like a leaky pipe is also a good time for an inspection because termites love to infest areas with water damage.

Know the Signs

Contact help after noticing any signs of termites. Some of the most common signs include sticking windows and doors, sawdust on the floor, and noises in the walls. Contact a removal service after seeing any termites inside or outside the home.

Avoid Home Removals

DIY removal attempts can cause more damage. A nest of termites will move on to other areas of the home when someone disturbs the nest. The homeowner may think this means they solved the problem because the area they treated is now empty. Unfortunately, it may mean the pests are now in an undetected spot in the home. With professional Termite Control Kennesaw residents can feel confident that all the insects are gone, and the home is safe.

Fix the Damage

Always fix the mess the termites leave behind. The damage they cause not only affects the structure of the home but can affect the ability of the homeowner to get financing and insurance. Existing damage can lead to the concern that the termite infestation is still active. Termites love damaged wood and if an area appealed to the insects once it will be equally appealing with more damage.

Some of the most termite-infested cities in the country are in the south. Take the risk of a termite infestation seriously. A home is a large investment that needs protection. A pest inspection is a low-cost preventative that can save homeowners money through early detection.