Camp Mighty Power

Muscular Dystrohpy

Camp Description

This camp isn't to tell kids with muscular dystrophoy about what's wrong with the disease and how to fix it. It is about how to get them to forget about it and just have fun. Also it's to get kids to interact with camp kids just like them. The camp is a bully free zone, no teasing, and epsecially no feeling left out on any activities no matter what the sitiuation is. Now parents the kids are limited to some activities but is built for fun to the kids ability. Camp mighty power is the camp to be for kids it is true life experince.

Perks of the Camp- Beds,Food & activities


Camp MP provides Food from best camp chiefs aorund. No sloppy cafeteria food they surve in schools. Provide comfortable cots to sleep in. The camp is wheel chair accessible.The camp is going to have plenty of activities

Dates of camp

Thursday, May 23rd, 8pm to Thursday, July 18th, 10pm


Bring clothes and bring kids ready for a new experince in life