RASCO REVIEW November 18, 2021

Lake Bluff Elementary School Family Newsletter

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Hello Lake Bluff Families,

LB Crew: Gratitude

During this week’s Lake Bluff Crew, Dean Harrison reminded us that ‘gratitude helps us see what is there instead of what isn’t.’ I would like to express my gratitude to all Lake Bluff families for sharing your amazing children with us every single day. During Crew, we were led through a 5-finger gratitude exercise led by Violet, Ella, Zach, Cleona and Tiago from MAC 2 Oak. This video, called "Kind Thoughts" may be useful for your family.

COVID Health & Safety

I am so excited to see so many students excited to share that they have received their first COVID vaccination. I can see the sense of empowerment the students feel each time someone chooses to share. If you haven’t visited already, please take a moment to check the COVID-19 Data Dashboard & Reports Here, information is frequently and regularly updated relative to COVID case data including staff cases, student cases, and classrooms impacted by quarantine. Families of all individuals who are identified as close contacts are always contacted directly by our District Nurse Kelly Barlow. Privacy laws and confidentiality do not allow me or any other staff members to share additional health information. Here is a video created to help families navigate our District COVID information.

PTO Meeting: Board Linkage

At tonight’s PTO meeting, members of our School Board will be present for a Board Linkage Meeting. This is a unique opportunity for parents to directly ask school board members questions, share thoughts and have a conversation. A member of our Lake Bluff Administrative Team will be joining this meeting as well. Please join using this Zoom link this Thursday, 11/18 at 7:00pm.

Additional Reminders

As a reminder, there is no school for students tomorrow. Additionally, there is no school on Wednesday, November 24th through Friday, November 26th. School resumes for students and staff on Monday, November 29th. As you enjoy time with family and loved ones, I want to remind everyone to stay healthy and safe! Safe social distancing, masking and proper hand washing continue to be our best tools of defense. As you enjoy your holiday, I ask for your kind thoughts and regards for our families who may be experiencing loss of a loved one, or, for our families for which the tradition of Thanksgiving may be a painful reminder of their ancestors’ past. Kindness and empathy go a long, long way.

Finally, please enjoy our LB Crew Gratitude Video created by Mrs. Gahl-Sweeney and Ms. Harrison.

Kind regards,
Principal Rasco

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A Message from Dean of Students, Catherine Harrison

PARK- Responsibility in the Cafeteria and at Recess

Students continue to demonstrate responsible behavior during lunch by spacing out, refraining from talking when eating, and keeping their masks on at all other times. We still encourage students to bring a book or another quiet activity (journal, sketchbook, etc) to do when they are done eating lunch. There has also been a lot of initiative shown by students at all grade levels with cleaning tables, making sure trash goes into the garbage, and that our metal silverware is not tossed away :) Similarly, on the playground, students are expected to play safely and responsibly during recess. This looks like staying in their classroom’s designated recess zone, putting balls and equipment away when recess is over, and playing games that are physically safe (students are not allowed to “play fight”, tackle, or other activities that involve direct body contact). Additionally, this week students in K5-6th grades had the opportunity to meet with Megan Cummingham from Lee Recreation (company that built our new playground). Megan gave a thorough and lively presentation about how to safely use each piece of the new playground equipment. We will continue to regularly remind students on the announcements and through visual aids about safe and responsible play during recess.


Over the next few weeks, classrooms will be beginning Unit 2 of our social emotional learning curriculum, Second Step. See below for more information on what your student(s) will be learning in Unit 2.


Empathy: Identifying one’s own and others’ feelings, taking others’ perspectives, and showing care and concern for others

K5-5th Grade:

Emotion Management: Students learn how to build their emotion vocabularies, practice identifying their own and others’ emotions, and recognize the importance of labeling and processing their emotions. This unit’s content helps students understand and explore how past experiences as well as unique perspectives influence how they feel and respond to situations.

6th Grade:

Recognizing Bullying and Harassment: Students learn how to recognize bullying and harassment, stand up safely to bullying, and respond appropriately to harassment. This unit’s content helps students develop empathy, understand the impact of bullying and harassment on individuals and their communities, and examine social and environmental factors that contribute to negative behaviors as well as identify solutions for preventing those behaviors.

If you have any questions about social emotional learning or Second Step, please reach out to your student's classroom teacher or myself and we are happy to discuss the curriculum and content further.


Advanced Learning News 11/22-11/23/21

Battle of the Books (BOB)

Grade level: 4th-6th graders

Dates: Monthly Check-ins during Guided Study

This month’s check-in meeting happened last week. The BOB teams are working their way through their books. Ask your BOB participant how they are doing with their team’s book list! We will continue to keep track of the teams’ progress with monthly check-in meetings up through February, when the in-school Battles begin.

Duration: Teams begin reading books over the summer, and the program culminates with in-school battles (competitions) occurring in February and a Regional Battle during the week of April 4th-6th. The regional Battle this year will be Virtual.

Description: Teams consist of 3 students (all from the same grade level) and each team is given a list of 45 books to read. Teams meet regularly to discuss the books they’ve read, compare notes, etc. We will meet with the students once per week to check in and offer additional enrichment related to BOB and general reading comprehension skills.


Grade level: 3rd-6th graders

This week, WordMasters will meet for their first test on either November 16th and 18th during Guided Study. Students should continue to use the practice packets to get to know their word definitions and to practice bridge sentences.

Dates: Twice Monthly during Guided Study, dates to be announced. This month’s meetings will be on November 16th and 18th.

Duration: All year; Quiz #1 in November, Quiz #1 in February, Quiz #3 in April

Description: A few weeks before each quiz, students are given a list of 25 vocabulary words. Each quiz requires students to know and understand the definitions of these words and use them correctly in an analogy format. We will meet with the students twice before each test to check in and offer additional enrichment related to specific WordMasters practice as well as general analogy/vocabulary enrichment.

Math Olympiad Practice

Grade level: 4th-6th graders

Dates: Every Monday/Tuesday at Guided Study times.

Our Math Olympiad meetings will continue to happen every week on Monday and Tuesday. Our first official Math Olympiad test will be November 22nd and 23rd. The Math Olympiads are learning techniques that they can use to solve the problems on the test in a more efficient manner.

Duration: October-April

Description: Students will work on a variety of problem solving skills focused on preparing for the Math Olympiad competitions. There will be 5 tests throughout the course of the year.

We continue to think about and plan for how we can serve and challenge students, so check our resource website for additional information as well as ideas for enrichment at home.


The Advanced Learning Department:

Jennifer Damm (jdamm@shorewood.k12.wi.us)

Mary Gorman (mgorman@shorewood.k12.wi.us)

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All district families, new and old, are welcome!

Are you interested in learning more about SEED, what we do, and how important our support is to the district?

These low key and FUN events are a great way to connect and meet others who care deeply about the district in a casual environment. Please join us!

All Shorewood families are invited to join us for two different events:

Thurs, Nov. 11th


via ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84630631538?pwd=ai9XREovb0ordG4yTVpCaFFtK2dXUT09

Tues, Dec. 7th


In person, OUTSIDE Backyard patio at Cloud Red

Appetizers graciously donated by SEED board members

RSVP's are appreciated but not required:

ReShunda Stephens: DrReShundaStephens@gmail.com or

Sarah Hammond: sarah@SarahHammondCoaching.com

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