blackfish documentary


In the documentary blackfish, Gabriela expresses the negative affect of keeping orcas in captivity by showing stock footage of orca attacks and interviews with trainers.


Samantha berg

Samantha was explaining how dawn was one of the best trainers at sea world and she got killed. Samantha did not believe it was dawns fault and was pretty confident that it was tilikums fault.

Corinne Cowell and Nadine Kaller

These two women were at the show at sea land and were there when tilikum killed the first trainer. no one ever made a dig deal about the first time tilikum killed, they never broad casted it on the news or anything. sea land didn't want a lot of people to find out about it because it would ruin there reputation.

john Hargrove

He loved working with the whales and being a trainer and in the documentary he talked about a mom whale and a baby whale. he said that they took the baby whale away and the mother was making a noise they had never herd before. john said this is just morally wrong they should not be able to do this. them doing this to the whales is going to make them mad and the whales will hurt the trainers to take out the anger and let them know they are mad.

Stock footage

trainer being dragged down

The whale was repeatedly dragging the trainer down to the bottom of the tank and would bring him back up. the person who represented SeaWorld said that the trainer survived because of his training but this was not the case the whale was mad because they took away her baby so she was letting them know she was mad by threatening the trainer.

whale jumping over trainer

This whale was repeatedly jumping over the trainer hitting his head and would not let the trainer escape. The whale must have been upset about something and decided to take it out on the trainer.

whales in the ocean

In the documentary they showed stock footage of the orcas free in the ocean and they were explaining the difference between those and the ones that are kept in captivity. whales are much nicer in there natural habitat and should not be kept in captivity because this causes problems for them and in many cases causes them to lash out like all the examples from the documentary.