Speech Recognition

More control. More flexibility.

Why use speech recognition?

Using speech recognition allows teachers to control their computer with their voice. In addition, this application allows users (students and teachers) to use the computer even when they are unable to use their hands.

How will this help in the classroom?

First, this tool helps in the classroom by giving you the ability to not only dictate text, but also to edit text. Your students will think you are the next Tony Stark with your very own Jarvis! The second way this is helpful in the classroom is for anyone that is unable to use their hands. Every year there is at least one student that comes to class with their arm in a cast and is unable to participate in computer exercises. This application keeps students from falling behind on assignments.

How does speech recognition work?

Speech recognition is built into your computer already. You only need a microphone. It only takes a few minutes to start using this innovative and helpful tool.

Follow the instructions in this link and you will be using Windows Speech Recognition accessibility tools in no time.


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