Mariela Valverde

What is the, "English Bill of Rights"?

Written in 1689, the English Bill of Rights started the movement of having specific enumerations of guaranteed human rights. It was created out of rage from the reign of King James III for violating, "the true, ancient, indubitable rights & liberties" of the people.

Also, their rights were not stated in the Magna Carta, which was written in 1215. This was also in the beginning of the Glorious Revolution, ruled by King William and Queen Mary. The English Bill of Rights also prevented any other monarchies from becoming too powerful over the people of Britain.

How did this influence our government?!

The English Bill of Rights strongly influenced the fifth amendment, the sixth amendment, the tenth amendment, the first amendment.

  1. First Amendment- Prevents laws from being made that interfere with natural rights.
  2. Fifth Amendment- Rights about criminal punishment.
  3. Sixth Amendment- Right to speedy trial.
  4. Tenth- Power to the people.

With that being said, it also influenced the United State's view on human rights. In a sense, the English Bill of Rights influenced our independence, and the rights of U.S. citizens today. This includes natural rights, as well as human. (Freedom of speech, democracy, etc.)