hello from the new Earth

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Intresting Facts about ADELE

1. Despite being hot its atmospheric pressures would stop its oceans from boiling.

2. ADELE is classified as a water-world.

3.Was discovered on November 17th of 2001.

How Does ADELE Compare to Earth

___________________________Earth_________________ Adele____________________________________

Diameter:_____________7,917.5 m_______________ 21,377.25

Mass: ________________5.972 x10^24____________ 2.986 x10^25

Acceleration Due

To Gravity (g): _______9.80665 m/s^2________-________ 8.825985

Average Distance

from the Sun :_______ 92.96 mil____________________ 1.3 mil (2 million km)


Temperature: _______61 degrees F ________________Around 200C (300F)

Length of a Day:______ 24 hours_________________________????

Length of a Year:_______1 year_________________________o.oo4

Number of Moons: _____1________________________________???

Number of Rings: ________N/A ________________________N/A

How old would a

old person be if you lived on: 15 years old________

How much would a 50kg

person weigh:_______________110.25_______________---

How to get there !

You are going have to rent our travel shuttles. They are fully equipped with beds, food, and many more.

We gotta move

Friday, Jan. 1st 2049 at 12am

867 Callowhill Street

Philadelphia, PA