Ms. Johnson's Class Newsletter

March 23, 2015

What We Did This Week:

This week we learned about the basics of maps. On Monday, we learned about what maps are and how to use them. The students learned the parts of a map and navigated a simple neigborhood map. They also created their own maps in teams on the smartboard. On Wednesday, we looked at a map of the United States. The students identified the parts of this more complex map. They looked at the roads and highlighted the interstate highways that connent the east coast to the west coast. On Thursday, the class created their own edible world maps (see video below). On Friday, we had a scavenger hunt on a giant map of the world. The students found various cities and bodies of water all over the world.
Edible Map Activity

At Home Activity:

Print out the handout in the link, and have your child fill it out with markers or colored pencils.