Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 8

Math, Science, Social Studies

October 5th - 9th

I am so happy to have some cooler weather and thematic activities! Chapter 4 in Math is a short unit. We will start and finish chapter 4 this week and our test will be on Friday.

Test Schedule

Friday, October 9th -
  • Chapter 4 Math Test
  • Ch. 4 Math Vocabulary
(Flash cards will be sent home and definitions are listed below as well)

*Homework is a good study guide. Test questions are the same as what you see on homework lessons.

Homework Packet

Due on or before Friday 10/9

Packet includes:

  • Math 4.1 - 4.4
  • Science: Parts of a Bat Diagram

Review Excel lesson of the day and 5 minutes each night on Rainbow Facts

* Homework is a grade. Fully completed homework packets receive full credit, partially completed homework receives partial credit. Late homework does not receive full credit unless absent or a special circumstance. Students know where and how to turn in homework and each student is called by name to check binder as a last call on Friday. Homework can be turned in early, but only as a completed packet.

Click here for Unit 1 Math: Number Concepts

Use this link for math review, games, and extra practice for CHAPTER 4

Math This Week:

Ch.4 Graphs and Data

This week we will learn about data and graphing. We will have our textbook lessons in addition to hands on activities for graphing data. We will read and make tally charts, pictographs, and bar graphs.

Ch. 4 Vocabulary:

Bar Graph - Uses bars to show data

Tally Chart - shows a mark for each vote

Picture Graph - Shows data using pictures

Survey - You can collect data by taking a survey

Excel Lessons: 29-33

Please use the link above to review / play games if your child needs extra help in math.

Unit B: Animals

This week we will learn more about mammals with a close reading on Bats!

  • Differentiated Mini-Books "All About Bats"
  • Close Readings: Parts of a Bat , Life of a Bat, What is Echolocation?


habitat, mammal, predator, prey, pup, colony, endangered, nocturnal, echolocation, roosting

Bat Vocabulary

Big image
JumpStart Bat Echolocation Song

Social Studies

We will be working in our Maps, Globes, and Graphs book in class as well as talking about our Social Studies word of the day.

Social Studies units start in November and/or mini lessons on special events.

November Units: Pilgrims, The Mayflower, The First Thanksgiving Play

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