Title I Summer Programming

Planning and Instruction Third Grade

Third Grade Unit 1: Sport Stars

There's more to being a successful athlete than scoring points. What makes an athlete great, both on and off the playing field?

Included are five interactive Read-Alouds (pictured below) and corresponding teaching cards.

Each teaching card contains:

  • book summary
  • author note
  • overview of key understandings
  • suggested stopping points to elicit students' analysis
  • notable text features
  • support/vocabulary
  • connection to book clubs
  • assessment options
  • scaffolding and extension opportunities

Third Grade Unit 2: Mystery

It's fun to read a mystery and to challenge yourself to try and solve it. What are the elements that make a mystery story work?

Interactive Read-Alouds Pictured Below

Inquiring Minds Need YOU!

The Comprehension Clubs provide a convenient framework for a two week summer programming that engages students in reading, writing, and accountable talk. The passion for learning and inquisitive spirit will come from you! Be thinking of ways that you can extend learning by placing students' questions, ideas, and observations at the center of the learning experience.
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The Reading Strategies Book ~ Jennifer Serravallo

No need to beg, borrow, or steal this book. There will be a copy of The Reading Strategies to use throughout summer programming. Unfortunately, these are only on-loan and will be returned to White River on June 19th. If you are not familiar with this little gem please take a moment to watch Jen Serravallo's brief overview.