The Vorticella

By: Dakota, Michelle, Noah, and Meghan

What it Looks Like

The Vorticella is a protist. It is cylindrical shaped, and it has a conspicuos ring of cilia on the oral end. On the aboral end, it has a contractile, unbranched stalk.

What They Eat

The vorticella eats bacteria and small protozoans . They use their cilia to sweep prey into their mouth like openings.

The Vorticella has both sexaul and asexual reproduction

Where They Live

Vorticellae live in fresh and salt water. They are attached to aquatic plants, surface plants, submergered surface scum.


The vorticella movement is unique. It does not actually move, because it is attatched to something, as described in where it lives. The stalk of the vorticella is curled up, but then unfurls quickly, sending the vorticella shooting out.

The vorticella has no cell wall

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The vorticella is eukaryotic, heterotrophic, and unicellular