what is inside bedok mall?


Popular in Bedok mall is the biggest book shop in Singapore compare from other popular store.You can get any famous story book at this store.Popular book store in bedok mall provide you a high quality of stationary.The good thing about this store is that they will never run out of stock.

Ayam penyek ria

it is very popular that many people wants to go to that has many food that is very popular.there are countless type of food.All the chicken is fresh and if u dont want to eat a fast food u can come to this best restourant


What is so special about uniqlo in bedok mall? the special about this shop is the quality of the shirt.Not only better quality but is also very cheap and afforedable.Their service is also tip top.the stuff aslo very friendly and helpful.


Other that fashion store and stationery store,there also a sport shop for any sportmen. this shop basically sell a thousand of sport shoe,t-shirt and many more.Yuo also can be a member.when you become a member,you can get a 50% discount and a free gift for every $60 receipt.