The Cambrian Period

By: Taylor Rounceville

Major geologic events of the Cambrian period.

The world was covered in water and just a little bit of land, So all the creatures of the earth were all able to swim and so there were weird looking animals compared to the ones we see today.

What was the climate like?

It is cold in this climate but warm in the glaciers so I would bring a coat and some warm shoes but when we go in the glaciers your can tie the coat to your wast and you can bring flip flops.

Dominant organisms living at the time.

Emeradlla, Olenoides, Leanchoilia, Canadaspis, Waptia, Sideneyia, Opabinia, and the Anomalcaris are some of the Dominant animals.

What is the environment like

In the early Cambrian, earth was generally cold but was gradually warming as the glaciers of the late Proterozoic Eon receded. So you should bring a coat and a hat and some mittens.

What are the main thing travelers might like to see?

You might want to see the Emeraldas, Olenaides, Leanchoilias, Canadaspis, Wapias, Sindneyias, Opandinias, and the Anomalocaris.

What should travelers bring.

You should pake some coats, diving gear and some other stuff to keep warm.

What dangers you might face

You might face getting eating.