Beaches & Dinosaurs

By: Kristan Price

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Well, it was during spring break, was it not? We spent the day at my in-laws house. It rained ALL day and that made everything a little boring. My son hunted eggs in the living room. He was the only kid there also. Good food and rain made everyone sleepy.
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Why does it take so long to get there? Why do we make so many restroom stops headed to our destination? I have a 4 year old, that's why. We left Americus and stopped 4-5 times on the way to the beach. I plotted every point I could think of, but there were 2 roadside pit stops and I can't even begin to remember where we were. On the way home, I drove straight from Jax to Valdosta... no stops. Helped that the boys were asleep!
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My husband hates (is terrified) of huge bridges. Especially long, high ones with no emergency lane. He survived the drive through Jax, but I had to drive back through town. There are waterways everywhere and the bridges are enormous because it is a sea port and the bridges have to allow those huge barges to pass beneath. Luckily, I love big bridges, so I got o drive my own vehicle for a little while! Unfortunately for him, I also love to look at everything when I drive over them. My constant conversation about all the barges and stuff makes him a little crazy when he is just trying to survive the bridge.


We camped at Hanna Park. It's a Jacksonville city park actually, but it was on the beach. We don't do the primitive camping thing where you dig a hole when you need a restroom. If there aren't hot showers and toilets, we're not staying there. It was quiet and just a 5 minute walk from the beach. It was a little cool in the morning, but we went out there. Unfortunately, I packed in a rush... last minute because we had not planned to go anywhere. I forgot to bring towels. Towels! No beach towels or bath towels. So, I had to run to Kmart after I watched the sunrise and spent an hour watching my son dig on the beach. Fun times.


We went to the Jacksonville Zoo. Bonus, they had a kid dinosaur exibit. "Real Dinosaurs" according to Zach. They were animatronics... life-like movements and noises. I guess anyways since who has ever heard a dinosaur? We saw lots of animals, too of course. Saturday, I took Zach to this TRexPlanet thing in Albany. It was a waste of money, but they had jumpy houses. We spent an hour there, ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, and came home to put up the tent so it could dry.