The Lottery Scam

You may be a winner!!!

Lottery Scams

A lottery scam is when someone get's a lottery email that says he/she won it big.You might quit your job. The scammers want to get your bank account # to steel money, not give some to you.The message will inform you that you won 1 million. You will sometimes get an e-mail that says you won it big.


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Ways to prevent from being scammed.

If it says you have to pay to get the prize its a scam.Don't give them your e-mail or bank #.
California Lottery News: Beware of Lottery Scams


Here are some scams for you to know about. Nigerian scam, Lottery scam, Quiz scam, and the charity scam which is a fake letter or e-mail sent to donate to charity, but its just a scammer.