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Friday 26th November 2021

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This week in school

What a busy 'trying to keep us all in school' kind of week!

One of our school values is humility.

In our school we all support each other. We have never felt the need to use our positions or hierarchy over any situation or challenge that we have faced. Yes, I'm the Headteacher and it is 'my name above the door' but this school is not led by me only - it is a team effort from start to finish.

That's why you will see staff all 'mucking in' together. This week has continued to be difficult for all as we are still battling with many Covid cases causing disruption, anxiety and stress. We are still missing lots of colleagues and the supply agencies have simply run out of teachers to cover in schools.

This week we were at the point of having to close one of our classes for the day as we just couldn't cover it, but at the last minute, Mrs Stubbs stepped in at great inconvenience to herself in order that the class may come to school. That added to her own workload but her professionalism shone through.

On a daily basis, the classroom staff continue to give the children the best care possible and ladies in the office can be seen running here, there and everywhere, ensuring that children are all in the right place, getting the classroom staff everything they need so that they can concentrate on staying in their classrooms.

There are too many illustrations of this kind of staff selflessness to write about here. Please be reassured that we are all working flat out to try and keep the children safe, happy and educated - and to protect your Christmas holidays too! This can still be a nasty illness for some people and one we wouldn't wish on you over the Festive period that we are all looking forward to.

I know it is hard and it can be really inconvenient if we ask you to collect your child and take him or her for a test, but please remember that Covid symptoms can be wider than the usual three published on Gov.uk and if your child is even a bit under the weather it is useful to keep a very close eye on them and get them tested if you suspect they may be coming down with Covid - especially if they are in one of the Yeargroups with high case numbers or one of your other family members has tested positive.

We have cases in all yeargroups but currently, Y4 has the highest number of cases. In the last fortnight we saw a huge spike in the Y2/3 classes and there are a fair few cases in Y5/6 still, having experienced their spike a few weeks ago.

As you know, we are trying to manage this outbreak in the context of the Selby area surge of cases and are being assisted in decision making every day by North Yorkshire Public Health Team. This means that from time to time, enhanced measures are communicated to you. If your child is in Year 4 or Year 1, please keep a closer eye on them this weekend. In order to prevent a similar wave moving into Y1 please be really vigilant if you have a younger child in school.

We're all human beings here. We are dedicated to the health, safety and education of your children. Thank you for working with us and helping us to keep the children in school. If you are waiting a little longer for non-Covid communication I do apologise. Thank you for all your help. It is with the greatest of humility that I say to you now, we cannot do this job without your support and co-operation.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs R - Proud Headteacher

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Whole School Attendance


That's well below target attendance but it is an improvement on last week - and there's no wonder it isn't quite where it should be at the moment!

However - an amazing 302 children had 100% attendance this week - that's also an improvement.

An amazing 113 children have had 100% attendance this year so far.

Happy Birthdays!

Many many many many happy returns this week to.....

Finley Hoyle, Hazel Smith, Isla Harris, Albert Whisker-Taylor

This week in classrooms

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Our school values

These are Compassion, Thankfulness, Fellowship, Hope, Humility, Justice and Service. We don't just believe in these values, we live by them every day in school. This week's class work is positively brimming with examples of all our school values - well done everyone!

Nursery - Stars

This week we have been looking at Dinosaurs, a theme which has proved very popular. The children have enjoyed a dinosaur swamp in the water tray, a dinosaur small world with a volcano, a dinosaur hunt and lots of creative dinosaur activities. We even had an egg, which had a baby dinosaur in it!

In maths we have looked at positional language. We read the story ‘Where’s Spot?’ and talked about his position on each page. We followed instructions and placed Spot in different positions around Stars. In phonics we have created and copied rhythms.

Superstar - Sienna Craft

FS - Moon and Mercury

This week we have been budding young storytellers. We have learnt about the characters of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and even designed our own trolls. We have been telling the story with our friends, using amazing story language and even helping each other "trip trap" across the bridge. Ask your child to tell you the story at home! We also shared the story of ‘Iggy Peck, Architect’ and looked at the most famous bridges in the world. The children designed and built bridges for the three Billy goats gruff to cross. They could choose what materials they wanted to make their bridge with and Lego was a firm favourite. Watch out for that troll!

In mathematics we have played lots of games to represent numbers on a 5 frame, made different shapes with 4 and 5 cubes and introduced 1 more and 1 less.

The children received their Colgate pack today and were excited to learn about maintaining their oral health and making it a routine part of their day. We have brushed some giant teeth, read stories about teeth and smiles and created a healthy packed lunch

Superstars - Alex Holliday, Noah Ferguson

Y1 - Galaxy and Venus

What an out of this world experience we have had this week! We have explored The Milky Way, travelled from planet to planet, experienced life as an astronaut (even taste testing astronaut food), and discovered the craters of the moon. In English we have used descriptive language to write letters home from our space expedition, whilst in maths we have explored the place value of numbers to 20 and beyond using practical resources. In D.T. we have explored sewing techniques, using Binca and the running stitch, and in art we have studied 'The Starry Night' by Vinvent Van Gough, creating our own starry nights using wax resist. The children as always have been phenomenal.

Superstars - Harriet Bainbridge, Zephyrus Hay

Year 2 / 3 Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune

In Year 2/3 this week, the children have produced an eye-catching information poster about volcanoes using the key features of a non-chronological report; they've had great fun searching through non-fiction books and the Internet for fascinating volcano facts and information to include and present. In Maths, we have continued developing our money skills by comparing amounts represented in different denominations alongside improving our problem solving skills. In DT, the children have really enjoyed building model volcanoes using scrunched newspaper and modroc ready for the grand eruptions next week!

Superstars - Ella Maundrill, Alyssa Mitchell, Daniel Cooper-Illingworth

Year 4 Mars and Earth

We’ve been paying close attention to the minor details of things in Year 4 this week. In maths, we have been drawing towards the end of our unit on measurement and perimeter. The children have had to be very attentive and careful while measuring and calculating the perimeter of shapes. In English we have been exploring how to edit and improve sentences to make sure we’re challenging ourselves to write our best year 4 sentences. We’ve seen plenty of fantastic work to use ambitious adverbials and amazing adjectives in their writing. This week we have explored the Viking gods and goddesses. After learning about the many different gods and goddess we then took out our art supplies and were very careful and precise in drawing a portrait of one.

Superstars - Jacob Whitby, George Waugh

Year 5 Asteroid and Pluto

Well, we did not realise what a cruel lot Year 5 are! Having completed their Tudor courtroom scripts, the children got into character performing them for their classmates this week. A few defendants were found to be innocent of their alleged crimes, but the majority of 'judges' thoroughly enjoyed handing out some gruesome punishments in true Tudor style. Showing off their use of clauses and knowledge of Tudor crime and punishment, we definitely do have some expressive, budding actors in Year 5. We also have kind and caring children, as both Pluto and Asteroid have each welcomed a new class member this week. It's so heartening to see our children readily welcoming a new friend into the mix. We are continuing our computer programming in ICT and becoming more confident listening to identify numbers and parts of the body in French songs.

Bon travail - good work Year 5

Superstars - Keeley Sharpe, Billy Wright

Year 6 Nebular and Constellation

This week in year 6, we have had a rather sophisticated and 'classical' experience. As part of our topic work, we have enjoyed the musical stylings of Gustav Holst and his Planet Suite. Listening to and watching each of his masterpieces being played by orchestras, the children commented on the atmosphere, the use of instruments and the many different musical elements used to match the names of each piece. Mars is without a doubt, the Bringer of War! In English, we wrote our Cosmic narratives, giving our own interpretations of where the children from our class novel went on their unexpected journey. There was setting description, characterisation and passive voice, just to say a few of the many grammar elements included. Any of the versions would have made a fantastic novel in their own right. In maths we have completed many more days of fraction work, with the children using all they had learnt from previous sessions to complete fractions of amounts problems and reasoning tasks. Great effort in all of these sessions everyone. In PE, our dance continues with Mr Pooley, and it is excellent to see everyone giving it their best!

Superstars - Charlie Birch, Harrison Riley

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Applications for primary school places.

If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018, applications are open for primary school places in the Reception year for September 2022. Applications should be made online at https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/apply-place-primary-or-secondary-school and the deadline is 15 January 2022.

A message from St Wilf's - Christingle and Gift Service

Hello everyone

Given the rising incidences of Covid in our local primary schools, once again we are sadly having to postpone this year’s Christingle and Gift Service, which had been due to take place on 5th December.

However, as we do each year, we would still like to invite you to donate Christmas gifts to disadvantaged children and teenagers in the Selby area. As we did last year, please would you bring your gift/s and leave on the veranda at the Brayton rectory behind St Wilfrid’s Church by Sunday 5th December at the latest.

As always, please wrap gifts and indicate if they are for a girl or boy and the approximate age range they are suitable for.

Gifts for teenagers would be very welcome, such as make up, deodorant, shop gift tokens.

Thank you!

For more information please contact me, Rev Pete, on 704 707 or at rector@stwilfridsparish.com

From the PTA - chocolate tombola

Next Friday - 3rd December - will be a NON UNIFORM day at school. Children may wear anything they like on that day. In return, please can you send your child with a donation of chocolate suitable for a chocolate tombola prize. The tombola will take place the following week in class - more information on when and how to buy tickets will be coming your way soon.

Retirement news - Mrs Taylor

All of you have at some point had contact with our Mrs Taylor. She is a legend at Brayton, having been the longest serving member of staff for some years now.

Mrs Taylor has been a member of staff, mum and Grandma throughout the years and she is now ready to hang up her lanyard at Christmas.

Mrs Taylor has been responsible for many areas of the school administration over the years and she has knowledge stored in that incredible brain that Brayton will miss terribly when she goes. However - it is her sense of humour and friendly quips the staff will miss most. She's a great Yorkshire lass who says it like it is - usually with hilarious wisdom.

I am sure you will join with me in wishing her well when the term ends in three weeks. You may still see her on the Green in January, picking up and dropping off her two delightful Granddaughters.

For now, as staff members, we all know that we have just three short weeks to enjoy her company before we have to say goodbye - but it will be with a great deal of sadness when we do.

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Millie Rowan from the green hive is still the child with the most hive points so far.
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