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The roman soldier was one of the most deadly weapon in war they were feared by all who saw them.

This is what they wear into battle.

There armor made of iron and leather and leather that was molded to fit them so the armor was harder to penetrate from the enemies swords. there armor was a staple on how they won the wars they fought and how they kept their great warriors alive.

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Here are some of the many weapon they used

They had two weapons they had a sword for short range and the had a spare to throw t there enemy from range.
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This is how they went to battle.

Matched in legend 5000 / 9 groups that split into even smaller sections that all their own jobs going to war. some were shield holders that protected the spear throwers. The first row is were usually the pore and they wore chest plates called cuirass and some times chasmal. the second row were usually the rich were the spear throwers they usually had weaker armor

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In conclusion I hope you learned about the Roman soldier and how they went into to battle also the weapons they used to fight off the sword wielding foes and the some of the different armor they used and the many tactics they use to go to battle.

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This book is about ancient Rome