CCHS - Friday Focus

Pride Passion Purpose #leaveyourlegacycc

Holiday Weekend!!

Enjoy your Monday off! Take time to Sharpen your Saw! Spend time with family and do those things that recharge your batteries and make you smile! We can better serve our students when we are energized and truly happy to be with them!

ICU - Extra Time & Extra Help

Every Student, Every Quality Assignment!

PLEASE make sure to be in your room no later than 7:30am. Also, please prop your door open to invite kids in! It is much more welcoming when your door is open and it is easy for a student (and monitoring teacher) to know that you are available.

NOTE - reminder that students on the list must get a note from you to get in the gym. KUDOS to MR. VESSELS for the ICU Completion Pass. It's awesome! If you haven't seen his template, check it out!

The 3 Little Pigs


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You all are AWESOME! We have some kinks to work out.... but all in all I've heard good feedback from staff! We will work through some of those issues before our next BLITZ. Feel free to email Mark, Tom and Val with issues and potential solutions and we'll talk it out in a staff meeting.



I've heard several informal discussions regarding cross-curricular, collaborative efforts. The video below shows a high school collaborative effort between an English and Social Studies teacher. While the schedule is different (and definitely something the Curriculum Committee can discuss - hint, hint), the collaboration between the two can happen more easily now that we have grade-level planning. If you are collaborating with other content areas please let us know so we can highlight what is happening right here at CCHS! You all are AWESOME!


From Dan Mahoney, "Shout out from me to Tamara Cady. This is the working-est bunch of Juniors that I have ever had the pleasure of starting the year with. She must have set some high expectations for engagement and achievement with this group last year." - Dan

From Tracey Reynolds, "Christmas in August Poker Run raised $7, 149.15 to purchase Christmas gifts.. thanks to all who purchased raffle tickets."

From Val Washburn, "Big shout out to Bill Varble for stepping outside his comfort zone with technology! To meet student needs, Bill videoed student presentations in a large class to show to classes lacking the # of students to fulfill all of the project requirements."

Standards-Based Grading

So many staff are rethinking traditional grading practices and focusing more on student learning as the outcome! You all are doing great things for our kids, but the work is hard! I know Mr. Mahoney has shared some of his experiences and wants to hear from others. Our next faculty meeting agenda is going to have some time built in for staff discourse around grading practices. Come prepared to share what your currently do and/or what you want to do. If you have any resources (templates, articles, blogs, videos, etc.) please bring those to share with staff as well! See the blog post below about one teacher's experience transitioning to SBG.