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As you attend Grace Life each week, our desire is that you don't think about all that goes into providing the different environments because it's about the people not the environment. But we want to take a moment to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who helps make it happen. Nothing is all is a part of His love.

We are fortunate to have so many who will take on an area single handedly if necessary, but I think they ALL would love to have some more people on their team. Hopefully, there will be a flow chart at church to give a visual of all of this. (anyone want to make it?) lol You can sign up for your favorite place by sending an email to the address below stating what you would like and/or filling your name in on the flow chart at church.

Here are a few areas that we have could use more help:

Round Table Sundays - We would love to have a team that could help plan which Sundays they will be, what entree will be provided, and organize the details. This team would NOT be responsible for carrying out the whole project, but rather find others who can help as it happens. To sign up for this and Special Events, go to:

Special Events - These events happen sporadically through the year and need a team who can plan for them, put them on the schedule, and help organize the needs. These are events such as baptisms, candlelight service, 4th of July, Braves games, guest speakers, etc. This team would NOT be responsible for carrying out the whole project, but rather find others who can help as it happens. Round Table Sundays and Special Events could be combined into one team. To sign up for the Event Team (events and Round Tables), go to:

Facilities/Cleaning team - Wow. What can I say...... bring a 100+ people together with donuts and coffee and well, you can tell we have been there. Jose leads the cleaning and facilities team and is the invisible saint. Thank you Jose! He sends out a plea for help sometimes for the once a month cleaning day, but could really use a few more names to put on the list. If everyone helps straighten up after our Sunday service it only takes 3-4 people a couple hours on a Saturday once a month for the deep cleaning. To sign up for this team, go to:

Audio and visual team - The audio team is lead by Kevin FitzPatrick (thanks Kevin) who works with Elmer Nord and Ryan Turner. They are amazing in the way they work, but they too, would love to have some more on the team. The video team is lead by Matthew Preblick, Trent Lindbom and Phillip Morris. They have lead out in video on their own initiative and it has been GREAT! As good as both teams are, they can not always be there on Sunday, so having a few more on the team to share the responsibility would be fantastic. They will work with you to teach you the technology. To sign up for this team, go to:

Family Ministry - Our families are such a vital element to Grace Life! Sharing the grace of Christ is never more important than with the younger parts of our families. If you love kids or teens and want to take a role (mentoring, leading discussion, going on retreats, driving the bus, sending out communications, helping color, glue, puppet shows, egg hunts, etc) see Tracy. When asked who influenced her life towards Jesus, she will admit that it was mostly an adult in the kids class. Not because of a Bible verses they wanted her to learn, but because they were just there to love her and share the love of Jesus. To enter into the lives of these younger friends, go to:

All of our kids need more adults to just be there with them. And this also includes:

The Grace Life Nursery – Thank goodness for Ms. Lucy who lovingly plays with our smallest members each and every week. She is amazing! Many weeks, however, she needs a second set of eyes, another set of playing hands or someone else who can take toddlers to the restroom…just a little assistance in her journey of love. This is one of the best places to play and love at Grace Life and you will find some bundles of joy in there to play with and enjoy. We have a list of eight adults who fill in on the schedule and if we have a few more, each one will get the chance to play once a quarter. Playtime at Grace Life! Sign up here:

Administrative and Communication - We thank Jose DeUrioste and Ann Farmer for taking care of our day-to-day financial needs. They handle the money coming in and pay the bills going out. There is so many other things that could be done (like these newsletters) that will keep everyone in the loop. Do you know where and when our small groups meet? We have no communication forum for this and can use some help creating one. Emails, schedules (for nursery, Sunday school, middle school, cleaning, etc), reminders, and the list goes on......If this is what you love to do, jump in! . We won't load you down with the whole basket. A new system will be created and hopefully the admin team will be big enough to spread around the main items. If this is your gift, please go to to sign up.

Hospitality - Ok....let's get on to one of our most important things.....FOOD! Each Sunday we have a great spread of food for you to munch on. got it right.....this doesn't just "happen". We have a small team who gather it up, spread it out and help clean it up each week. Other than the cleaning group, they are the other most invisible and under-appreciated group. Just go a week or two without them. Not good. They could REALLY use a few more people to join them on the rotation. It's not hard or rocket just gather up some of your favorite, reasonably priced items, set them out for consumption and then hang around and help clean them up. Grace Life reimburses you for the cost.

If you don't know who these people are, I rest my case on them being invisible. Please join them if you can. If you can't, try to identify who they are and tell them thank you! It’s almost like “Where’s Waldo”, but better. To sign up to help, go to: You will love this!

Praise and Worship Team - We LOVE our musicians and vocalists as they lead us in worship each week! They realize that we have had new people come in over the last year who are probably very talented and would be interested in joining them. If you are ready to unleash that talent and are interested in participating, they will be having an opportunity to show your gifts coming up very soon. If you would be interested in the Praise Team, please go to: and sign up.

Grace Life is a living, breathing loving group of people. A family. Historically, families join in and share the fun and the chores. Please find a place that interests you and join in. And……thank you!